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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Best Thing About A Saturday......

Looks so exciting !!!

Only 75p from M&S 
My little Saturday treasures*****

The best thing about a Saturday is that, I can spend an extra hour in bed in the morning with my lovely man and a lovely cup of tea, then pop the shops to choose something nice for dinner, and then visit the charity shops and have a good rummage to find some pretty things, and then to top it all I picked up the new Mollie Makes and a bunch of daffodils (I haven't looked at it yet, saving it for later)    ****


  1. i love your treasures you found in the charity shops- always exciting to find little treats like that ;0)...i too have the m&s bag its lovely!...enjoy a relaxing rest to your weekend x

  2. p.s mollie makes is a fab mag!...just wish it was a bit cheaper as i find two pricey mags a month is a bit much...and i just have to have Country living ;0)


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