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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Blue Shoes ***

As a little girl I had a few special books that I will always remember, I still get the warm cosy feeling when I think of them, sitting by the open fire, trying to read the words by the light of the flickering flames, (I make it sound like we had no electricity) The Party by Ladybird was one of them. I always wanted to be the little girl in the blue dress because she wore blue shoes to match, blue shoes!!! I fell in love with the idea that one day I would own a pair. So I waited and waited until the day came, it was in the 90s I saw them, there they were in the summer sale twinkling at me, yes I still have them and I have worn them (to a Party) so I will always remember The Party. It must have sewn a seed in me, as now I love shoes and collect children's books...


  1. Fabulous shoes! Its wonderful that you've actually worn them too - Always nice to make them that little bit more sentimental

  2. Oh I don't remember that Ladybird book - I shall now rummage for it whenever I see a second hand book stall! I love the way childhood stories resonate with us as adults, weaving a thread between past and present...Thank you for calling in Down the Lane,

    Sarah -x-

  3. You are a girl after my own heart. I've just started getting Ladybird books again (when I can get them cheap enough!) Suzy x

  4. Love Ladybird books too,xxx

  5. I also have wired in thought patterns that have come from my favourite childhood books. One of my favourite stories was about a little girl with a dress with a daisy on it. When she pressed it she could make wishes. This is where my love of daisies came from!


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