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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Our Cornish Cottage+++++

We lived in Cornwall for six years until Fin's job moved up country to the Moorlands, we have beautiful memories of living in our tiny cob cottage, and a little bit of us will always be there.
Although the cottage had been renovated , the garden had not, we inherited a 1/3 of an acre of wild wilderness, so after having  two 30 ft laurels and four dead trees removed we started to make a garden. We had never tackled anything like this before and just used the landscape we had  to make paths and steps, we used what was available, we dug a pond , and planted with the cottage theme in mind, we kept the bottom of the garden wild (where the fairies lived ). It was an idyllic place to live, but cold and damp in the winter months, log burners are fine as back up but not as main heating, and they make the walls filthy we were forever redecorating. When we first moved in our neighbours told us they never had snow, (the funny thing was in the six years we lived there we were snowed in three times).

We have only been in our new home for a year and we are now beginning to make it ours, it is totally different from the cottage although still in a lane, it's a 1930s red brick semi on the edge of the Moorlands it still has the cottage feel inside but we have gained extra rooms and space and its warm!!


  1. such a beautiful cottage and garden- dreamy xx

  2. That is an adorable little cottage, I\m so envious I have to say! I cannot wait to buy a house of our own and build it up to how we'd like it - Sadly we are in rented paying the same as we probably would monthly for our own place but nevermind we'll get there eventually :)

  3. What a beautiful garden. I also can't wait to move later this year so I can start to make somewhere my special place.


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