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Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Sunny Sunday Walk.....

Boots On***

A Beautiful Tree

A  path  beckoning

A friendly Robin 

The Enchanted Tree

Special messages left for loved ones

Sparkling water in the sunshine

A stairway of Fungi

The water tower through the trees

Looked at the day and decided to go for a walk, it is so special to be out in the air and the beautiful sunshine, I love the trees they hold so many secrets and provide homes for so many creatures, a friendly robin stopped to say hello, the birds were singing their little hearts out sheer bliss***


  1. looked a lovely walk, really enchanting amongst the tree's...we always look for faces ;0)x

  2. Our lives are so busy but if we stop and take a look around us it's amazing to see what nature has to offer......when walking the dogs in the park I look at the trees and never knowwhat you can find....ciao Alison

  3. Wonderful piccies ,love the robin,fungi and enchanted tree,looks like a magical walk.x


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