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Thursday, 1 March 2012

First Spring Day In The Garden"""""""

It has been such a beautiful day, I have been tidying my garden. I popped into town yesterday, and bought some spring flowers from the market to brighten up the tubs and pots. I adore flowers, I cannot imagine life without them, they always smile at me. So I have been busy weeding and tying up the plants, saw five ladybirds sunning themselves on a twig, said hello to the fairies, and finally a beautiful finish to the day............a wonderful sunset ****


  1. Oh Thea: I am so happy to have found you and to follow along. My little Cottage was built by a miner originally from Cornwall. I often fantasize how life must have been where he came from and finding you makes me hope that I can learn something about that. I think our town, Grass Valley, in California, is your sister city. I am over joyed and I love the look of your blog and am looking forward to seeing more...Judy at GoldCountryCottage

  2. Hi Thea - what a beautiful sunset. We have had days of haze and fog here. I have so much to do in the garden but the mist is cold and wraps around your bones so it'll have to wait a bit longer. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  3. Isn't it wonderful. That day when you step into the garden and Spring has arrived.This is my first visit to your blog, will pop over again soon.



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