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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Making A New Bee Garden~~~~

Part of the new flower bed, it looks so bare!!

The new "Horseshoe" Garden last year
What busy bees we have been, last year we started to redesign the garden, as the previous owners had mainly laid it to lawn, so we cut out a large section of lawn, to make a horseshoe shaped flower bed, hard labour and many trips to and fro with the wheelbarrow (Fin is much better at this bit, as the barrow pulls me over). We piled up the turf down the side of the house covered it and left it to rot down. So this weekend we made a start on a new Bee garden, it is a very sunny spot and is ideal to grow wild flowers for the bees and butterflies and whoever else passes by. We made a small "dry stone wall"(posh name for a pile of stones)from left behind rocks, then filled it up using the lovely composted turf, lots more back and forth with the wheelbarrow,(poor Fin)although I did spread it out! It is hard work but we know it will be worth it when it's is full of beautiful plants and flowers. So now we are now cosying up in front of the fire with a yummy afternoon tea and cake, dreaming of the lovely Bee garden we are going to plant, yes it was well worth getting cold and covered in mud~~~~


  1. Thea: Your garden looks lovely. You are very ambitious this time of year. Good for you, I can't seem to get going until it warms up a bit....Judy

  2. Hi Thea - your garden looks really pretty. We bought a little bee box last year but noone wanted to live in it - we must have done something wrong. While we were setting it up little bees were buzzing around watching us; it was really cute!

  3. We've just bought some seeds intending to encourage bees and butterflies. We have some comfrey in our garden which the bees love. It flowers early in the season and although it growes quite big you can cut it back a couple of times during the summer and it will come back within a few weeks. Your garden looks really pretty and inviting.



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