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Friday, 2 March 2012

New Little Treasures ***

 Crochet mat,a string of beads,pretty bracelet,and flower ring.

 Hand mirror,a pair of vintage hand embroidered cushion covers

Delicate lacey long skirt

Knitted waist-coat

Embroidered  summer blouse

Pressed glass posy vase,pair of vintage pillow cases

Sweetheart tin full of  writing paper and envelopes
I love looking around the secondhand /charity shops, the trouble is I never know where to start, do I head for the linens or twiddle through the clothes rails, head straight for the bric a brac, or should I concentrate on the books, but then the bangles and beads start calling me over, oh so much to look at, so this trip I tried to do it all!!(I just could not find any books)


  1. Hi Thea: Such pretty finds. So many treasures out there waiting for you to come along...Judy at GoldCountryCottage

  2. Morning Thea - Spring is Springing isn't it? Glad you found so many treasures. Have a great Sunday,

    sarah -x-

  3. Hi Thea - I love the skirt; its so delicate. Spring has disappreded here and its snowing!! Have a lovely week. xxx


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