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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Our Family Woodland Walk*~*

On Sunday we all went for a lovely Easter woodland walk, in between the showers we met the ducks, swans, squirrels, and of course the birds...
Two little ducks **
Bluebells just appearing
A secret little home
A little Christmas tree at Easter ++
A bare tree soon to be dressed **
Who lives here?
A beautiful tree stump**
A well fed little chap **
Old wild cherry tree
A Great Tit waiting for the squirrel to finish his feast.
A wayside Snakeshead Fritillary **
A beautiful swan, he was happy to pose, very vain !
When we got in we tucked in to sausage rolls....
Coffee cake ...
Chocolate and raspberry, sherry trifle....well it was Easter !!


  1. Lovely photos, and the bluebells...can't wait 'til they are out in the woods here. Those last three photos are very tasty! Suzy x

  2. What lovely photos Thea,
    The bluebells in the woods, the squirrel and the funny tree..
    The feast for afternoon easter tea looks divine.
    nice post. thank you

  3. Thea: Your walk looked very relaxing. I can remember as a child I had access to woodland walks like that. I can still smell the dampness of the fallen leaves and moss, the sound of the creek, and then, every once in awhile the sting of a nettle. That part not so much fun..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. I have enjoyed your walk through the woods! It reminds me of de woods in Holland.
    Such beautiful photo's of a lovely landscape!
    And those delicious sausage rolls and other delights!
    Thank you very much for sharing!

    Juliëtte xx

  5. Woods are such magical places. Little Son and Daddy have been taking a walk in the dark to our local woods each evening this week. Little Son says he thinks there is a wild boar with red eyes watching him in there (glad I opt to wash up!!)

  6. A lovely walk Thea, the pair of ducks look great! I've noticed that the woods around here have certainly 'greened up' since the rain came.
    The coffee and walnut cake looks delicious.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my posts its lovely to hear from you,
    Essie x


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