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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Pop Up House

When I was out and about this morning I came across this wonderful book, it has so much detail. I have been looking in all the cupboards, under the stairs, in the bath, but there is no one at home, it is so clever how it all folds away, such a bargain £2.50!


  1. Hi Thea - I really love anything to do with dolls houses and also pop ups - so what a perfect combination. I can't imagine why someone would send this to a charity shop! What a lovely find. Lily. xxx

  2. Thea: That is the most darling pop-up book. What a great find. Someone should be kicking themselves for getting rid of it, but lucky for you..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. Hello Thea,
    what a cute book & a bargain!
    I hope you had a lovely Easter....

    Lou xxx

  4. Thea: It's me again. I was so taken by the Edwardian book that I went to Amazon and guess what. I don't really know how much 2.50 pounds is in comparison to American $$ but your little book, brand new has a price tag of $334.44. I ordered a used one for $8.59 which is supposed to be in great shape with all doll family and cut-outs. So, you really did get a bargain, my friend. I will blog about it and hope it turns out well..Judy

    1. Hello Judy, "well my giddy aunt" that is a lot of money, glad you found a copy, a friend of mine said she has seen a Victorian House book, so you might be able to find that to, Happy house hunting!
      Thea x

  5. Oooh that is LOVELY! You've had a bargain there!! I will be also looking out for one of those - it's just stunning! A great find, enjoy xx

  6. Hello Thea,
    What an adorable book, I've never seen one like it.
    It's great finding little gems like that from time to time!
    Essie x

  7. That certainly is a fantastic find, it's lovely. Suzy x

  8. What a lovely book! I like those pop-up books!
    And it was really a bargain!

    Juliëtte xx

  9. Hi Thea,

    What a great find! It looks beautiful! Pop ups books are often real works of art. This one is too.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x


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