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Thursday, 14 June 2012

May's Pre-loved Finds*~*

These are the pre-loved finds I found last month in my local shops...
A lovely teapot £2.00 I just could not resist!...
A bone china floral mug 50p..
An unusual vase, its has a strange pimple finish! £1.99
A floral print for the garden room 99p...
A rosie luster glaze vase £ 1.50...
A pressed glass cake plate £ 1.50...
A tapestry footstool, such a lot of work has gone into the stitching £5.00...
A vintage party tablecloth £1.99 .
Well you never know what you might find!!


  1. Lovely finds Thea!! I especially like the clown tablecloth, the cake stand (i often buy these too!) and the floral print..and great prices! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Great finds Thea, well done you!
    I am finding the quality of items in Charity shops out this way are going down whilst the prices are still going up!
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    Essie x

  3. Hi, I just found your delightful blog. Thank you for the lovely spring walk through the woods. You have also inspired me to make jam. The only jam that I have ever tried to make is freezer jam, but there is something beautiful about jars of jam in the cupboard, and I love your little cloth lid covers. I to enjoy thrift store shopping and yard sales. My home is filled with pre-loved treasures. I am your newest follower. Please accept my invitation to visit and hopefully to follow my blog, too. I would feel very honored if you do. Have a marvelous day, Connie :)

  4. Fabulous finds - I especially like the vase and the footstool.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Dear Thea, This is all too much for me. You are so clever and have a good eye for lovely finds. All of them are lovely. I have a fetish for this one.
    I am sure your little tea room is looking just superb. well done.
    Happy Thursday Thea.
    val xx

  6. What pretty finds. They will really add to your lovelt garden room. Lily. xxy

  7. Wow, Thea, where did you find those? They are all gorgeous and I would have been glad to have found any of them!

  8. Thea, Thank you for stopping by and thank you for deciding to follow. I am looking very forward to a friendship of sharing ideas and interests. You're a sweetie pie, Connie :)

  9. Such lovely finds!
    It is very difficult to find such nice things here in Norway!
    But I will keep on searching!

    Juliëtte xxx

  10. What great finds! I love the pimply vase and the teapot!

  11. Great finds but I adore the cake stand! x

  12. Hi Thanks for your comment, lots of great finds :)

  13. Everything just brilliant - why would anyone want to spend fortunes on new imported stuff, when there are so many lovely things on our doorsteps for peanuts?!!! My only trouble is - my cottage already rather full !!!

  14. Wow I'm coming to visit your charity shops - we dont find anything like that here!
    great haul and such good prices - love the pressed glass stand, a beauty!

  15. What a good eye you have! I love the lustre vase particularly. I must remember that I have just taken some vases to the charity shop as I have so many. Decluttering is not easy!

  16. What lovely finds. I particularly like the cake stand. I have so many but can't resist buying them if they're reasonably priced. So pretty and useful. I also love the pretty floral teapot and little stool.


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