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Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Pond For Life*~*

Today we started to dig out a pond for the wildlife, it was a bit of a 'deja vu' moment as we have done this before in our cornish garden Although this one was a bit larger than we have room for now, we have found a space in our front garden for one, so hopefully it will turn out ok. Fin has got stuck in and put his work boots on bless him! We have chosen this area as we have found quite a few frogs out and about, so we are hoping to provide them with a new home. The herb garden is starting to grow, just needs the sun to shine a bit more, I shall add a couple of sages when I find some, I painted some flower pots red and planted them with three tomato plants, added the obelisk and planted it with a few peas, the hanging baskets are planted with trailing nasturtiums, so it is all gradually coming together.(Maisie is enjoying the sun sitting on the bench) A photo of the Delphinium in the back garden, I feel very proud of him as I grew him from a cutting taken from my old garden** And at last the Peony has opened (Sarah Bernhardt)


  1. A lovely post! Gosh you have been working hard! The delphinium is spectacular! Our peony has already flowered and is back to just leaves for another year! Love the idea of painting your flower pots - now why didn't I think of that!
    Have a good week!

  2. Aww Thea,
    Your garden is just wonderful.
    My peonies have bloomed too, then the shabby british weather came and totally spoiled them.....
    I have a small forcourt,but it is very pretty and cottage gardenish...
    Soo fell in love with yours!
    Hope all goes well with your pond
    Thank you for your always lovely comment,it made my day!

  3. I love wildlife pounds! We had a very big one in the Netherlands. All over two gardens. From us and our neighbours!
    Love to have one here in Norway. But there are a lot of stones in the ground!
    Still there is so much to do!
    Love your garden and beautiful flowers!

    Juliëtte xxx

  4. Very hard work, but the benefits will be enormous. Well done, now sit back and enjoy and hopefully you'll have the weather to go with it! mind you, looking at your photos you seem to have the sun out there. x

  5. Just found your lovely blog and am your new follower. You have a lovely garden and I look forward to reading more.
    Jule x

    1. Oh dear, I've just noticed I can't spell my own
      Julie x

  6. Hi Thea - Little Son wants a pond but I keep having visions of Monty Dog swimming in it and drinking the pond weed! Maybe when we move ....

  7. Hi Thea: Your herb garden is looking great and the pond will be beautiful. Mr. Delphinium is looking very regal and the peony is just beautiful. Thank you so much, Thea, for your sweet comments to me. I appreciate it as always..Happy Monday..Judy

  8. What a great Idea to build a pond. The frogs will love it. Your garden is looking so nice.
    Your peony is so lovely. I really must try to grow them for next summer.
    Your photos are realy lovely.
    thanks Thea.
    Always great to see you my side .. thank you.
    Happy tuesday and enjoy your gardening.

  9. Gorgeous blog - I'm now following! X

  10. Hello Suzanne
    Thank you for your lovely comments, you are very welcome
    Thea x


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