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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bees buzzing in the bee garden *~*

The bees have arrived at last in the bee garden we planted in the spring. It is only a small patch where we planted Rudbeckia, Borage, and sowed Poppies, Cornflowers, Celendine, Daisies etc.. then the weather changed and the rains came and not much grew, we thought the seed must have washed away, but gradually seedlings started to grow...
And then this happened...
Now the sun has arrived so have the Bees!!
It's absolutely Buzzing!!!


  1. beautiful blooms, I love that my flowers attract the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds

    although im ready for fall I do love the flowers and all thats out in summer

  2. Hi Thea
    How gorgeous - I love annuals, how amazing to sow seed and then have all those flowers. It just takes patience doesn't it? Last year I grew borage and the flowers were fab in ice cubes for summer drinks. The bees in my garden are mad for my foxgloves. More flowers for me next year!
    Sally x

  3. О-оо! какая у вас красота! заросли цветов))

  4. Your bee garden looks so pretty. It's so nice to have the sun at last and watch all the bees and butterflies visiting the flowers. I counted five different bees on my Marjoram a few days ago when I popped out to have a cup of tea in the garden. It was amazing watching them go from flower to flower.

  5. What a lovely garden I love the flowers from seedlings they give the English garden so much charm. Lovely to attract the bees and the hummingbirds

  6. I love your bee garden!! Such pretty and colorful flowers!
    This year I also have planted some poppies.
    The oriental species!
    I simply love them!

    xxx Juliëtte

  7. Its really pretty - I was trying to plant a cottage garden too but when the perennials did nothing and then, as you said, it rained and rained I didn't sow the seeds I had bought. I wish I had now! Isn't it relaxing watching the bees and butterflies buzzing and flitting about. xxx

  8. Just so beautiful - the bright red poppies are my absolute favourites. Ruth.

  9. Dear Thea,
    So, so pretty. I love your flowers. Isn't nature amazing - who would have thought when we had all the rain that anything could possibly survive the deluge but here we have the proof!

  10. Hi Thea,
    I'm so glad the sun has bought and the bees and they are enjoying your beautiful flowers.
    Sarah x

  11. Hi Thea, lovely post.It reminds me of when my sons were small. When the flowers were out and the bees were buzzing they used to complain like mad and ask why I planted flowers because they didnt like bees.

  12. Perfect my favourite flowers all wild and winding together.Love Jill xx

  13. Hello Thea,
    Wow, a beautiful garden. It's great that after all the rain we can now at least enjoy some sunshine. This is such a lovely time of year it was getting hard to imagine how we would get through another day of rain!!
    It's lovely to have bees in the garden, we have a row of lavender along the front path which they are always drawn to.
    Essie x

  14. This is just my sort of 'beautiful cottage garden' Thea....
    I would stand and gaze at these wonderful wild type flowers.
    It is great to see the bees doing there thing!
    Love Maria x

  15. Just stunning, what a beautiful mix of flowers!
    Magie x


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