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Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Peep Around Our Home *~*

A little glimpse of our home...
The Sitting Room...
Shelves in the Hallway...
Back to the Sitting Room...
Flowers rescued from the rain!


  1. What can I say! Beautiful, Gorgeous, Calming, My it! I have one of those half moon tables sat down in our garage, it looks so much better painted, if I can find a spot for it I may well be tempted to bring it up and paint it. Thanks for the tour xo

  2. What a gorgeous home you have..

    Julie xx

  3. A beautiful tour of your lovely home Thea. It looks so cosy and very much my style.
    I love the off white sofas.. and your sideboard. Your flowers are splendid..even after being in the rain.
    Thank you Thea.. i loved the tour.
    Happy sunday night.
    val x

  4. Oh I just love your home Thea, its how I would like mine but I'm afraid we compromise a lot, I have to do battle with Tony!! He has different tastes to me.

  5. Loved the tour. Your living room puts mine to shame! Two dogs and five cats mean that furniture does not remain pristine for long. Love your rescued flowers too. Our roses are looking pretty pathetic having been rained on constantly last week.

  6. Beautiful, looks so relaxing, so pretty. xx

  7. So tasteful! It's like a house straight out of a magazine!

  8. What a beautiful home you have - I love it all!

  9. How very lovely to see your beautiful home in more detail Thea....
    I must admit I have fallen in the love with the picture above the white side board, it's so calming and peaceful.(just me)
    Just beautiful!!
    Thanking you, so kindly for the sweet comments over on mine too!
    Maria x

  10. What a lovely home you have. I loved looking around, a hobby of mine. :)) Beautiful things you have. Thank you for the tour.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Теа, спасибо за гостеприимство. Ваш дом уютный и светлый. Пусть в нем всегда живет счастье и любовь.

  12. What a lovely home! Thanks for the mini tour :) I really like the paint colour in your living room and such pretty cut flowers (I like the little daisies mixed in with the roses).
    Magie x

  13. Hi Thea: Your cottage is just beautiful. So soft and pretty. I especially love the little heart hanging in the middle of your draped valance and the can of fairy nougat. I hope I read that right. Thank you for your sweet comments on my little bird post and I forgot to mention your pretty posies. They are so old-fashioned and beautiful, just the way I like them..Happy Monday..Judy

  14. Hello Thea, Your home is so charming. You can see the love you put into it in every little detail. I love the color of your accent wall. I want to do that, but I can't seem to make up my mind about colors. I use to said, "Oh, it's only paint, if you don't like it paint again". Now that I'm older . . . painting is a much harder job.
    Thanks so much for your visit and the sweet comment you left. The junk shop in Pendleton was amazing, but even more amazing was the shop owner. What an awesome woman . . . 95 years and still opening her shop each day. Have a wonderful week, Connie :)

  15. Hi Thea,
    Your home looks delightful. I haven't been brave enough to show any of mine! I love the colours you have used and would love to have white sofas but they are not practical with pets who are allowed on the sofas!
    Sarah x

  16. Hi Thea - your house is really pretty. Your tastes are the same as mine. I love white furniture especially with red and white gingham (or actually any gingham!). xxx

  17. Hello Thea,I have just found you tonight.Your little room is so pretty,I also love my home and enjoy making it all look nice.I have become your latest follower and will look forward to reading more of your pretty blog.Love Jill xx

    1. Hello Jill
      Thank you for finding me, you are very welcome
      Thea x

  18. Such lovely home you have!!
    Love the colours!
    We have the same taste!

    Juliëtte xxx

  19. oh wow - that looks so calm and lovely....I wish I could style our home like that, but with kids around - I don't stand a chance.

    Nina x


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