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Monday, 13 August 2012

Elderflower Champagne*~*

A few weeks ago while the sun was shinning, Pippa and I went for a walk down the lanes to pick the wayside Elderflower's , they make such a lovely refreshing drink with a slight fizz (sometimes can also turn out slightly alcoholic) hic!

I always use plastic bottles as glass can explode!!
The recipe I use is Hugh's from River Cottage

Elderflower heads in a squeaky clean bucket
I always add the halves of lemon after they have been juiced and pared,
Very easy to make and delish!!
Fin and I shared a glass as it was a warm evening and a hot air balloon floated over, just magical

Summertime s and the living is easy.....


  1. Elderflower is so evocative of summer. We made some cordial as soon as the elderflowers came out and soon drank it and then we had the rain so we never made anymore.
    It must have been a wonderful way of spending a summers evening enjoying a drink and watching the hot air ballons.
    Sarah x

  2. Hello Thea,
    I love Elderflower champagne as it reminds me of summer time.
    I love the Elder tree, altogether as it has magic and mystery through legion associated to it...
    What a beautiful evening your self and Finn, must have enjoyed and seeing a hot air balloon also (just lovely)
    It made me smile, when you said, how Finn enquires about us blogging ladies too!
    Thanks for kind words for Dean always....
    LoVe Maria x

  3. Lovely post with great pics. I love fizzy elderflower but have to say I cheat and use cordial and fizzy water! Sounds like a magical evening warm, blue skies, elderflower and hot air balloons! XX

  4. Thank you for the recipe Thea. I made elderflower syrup two years ago, but I think something must have gone wrong because the taste wasn't too god. With your recipe I can try it again next year.

    Madelief x


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