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Sunday, 26 August 2012

How I Longed To Own A Sindy Doll *~*

As a little girl of the 60s my toys included teddies, dollies, golly, skipping rope, jigsaws and picture books, all the usual toys of the time, but then along came "Sindy the doll you love to dress"
I had seen her advertised on the TV and fell head over heels in love with her.

She was a teenage doll very different to my baby dolls and she had a wardrobe of clothes,
my mission was to save my pocket money but she was retailing at 12/6d  which was quite a tall order.

But I had a plan, my holiday money, Every year my parents took my brother and I to Broadstairs in Kent for a bucket and spade holiday, we always stayed in the same guest house spent most of the time on the beach with lots of candy floss and ice creams, and we were both given holiday money to spend.

I knew exactly what I was going to buy, but I had a bit of a problem my Mother was not keen on the Sindy idea  I heard her tell my Father "she is very expensive, and I know she will been a five minute wonder"

The last day of our holiday had arrived, so we spent a day at the shops. I followed my Father into a musty old bookshop and asked him if I could buy a Sindy doll he smiled and said "let's just wait and see"
At last the toy shop was in sight, I could still hear my parents discussing Sindy, my Mother still insisting "she" would be a waste of money, my Father still desperately fighting my corner,

Soon the toy shop window was glowing in front of me, I quickly scanned the toys and there she was Sindy.. the doll you love to dress...we all traipsed through the door.. passed the bucket and spades, passed the beach balls and the cricket sets, straight to the glass counter, I could see Sindy she was sitting in a deckchair.

There was a lot of discussion in the shop between my parents and the lady in the shop, and then my heart sank, the lady climbed up a ladder reached for a box that had Tina written on it. My Mother announced " Oh she is much nicer and affordable, look Thea isn't she lovely"
Well I knew I was not going to win this one so it was Tina or nothing

Tina...... well she had a Sindy face but her hair was platinum blond, but I was lucky to have got something,
A Tina Doll

So whenever I took her to play with my friends, I used to pretend she was Sindy's sister called Tina. Strangely, my friends wanted to play with her every time they came round, in fact she became very popular, and I got the chance to play with their Sindy's

But I still longed for a proper Sindy. I had to wait until my daughter Pippa came along in the 1980s, and then we had a great time. We used to have Sindy afternoons doing their hair, dressing them up, pretend catwalks the whole caboodle .
I now have my own collection

My memories have stayed with me, but alas Tina has not, she was sent off to the jumble sale with my brother's Action man.

Tina pictures from Google images


  1. Hello Thea. Are all those Sindys yours? They are divine. Gorgeous outfits.
    I love Sindy. I think she is so pretty. I bought two recently from ebay and I still need to make them some new outfits. I had six Sindy dolls when I was little, before they changed her to look like Barbie and I wish I had kept them now. xxx

  2. Aww Thea, I loved Sindy! My Dad bought me one from London when England won the World Cup in 1966 ... she was dressed in a red, white and blue jumper and jeans. No chance leaving her pristine in the box though, I gave her eye shadow with a biro ... well I was only five! Millie had Barbie's when she was little, but I always had a soft spot for Sindy.

    Have a lovely day

    Claire xxx

  3. Ah - what a lovely post! I didn't have Sindy - I had a Tressy - and I loved her and all her clothes and bits and pieces! Memories!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Hi Thea,
    What a great nostalgic post!
    I didn't have a Sindy either, but I did have a few Tina's.....
    The doll I remember the most, was Pippa, I think there was a cheesy song that went with this doll too!
    I did collect a lot of these and loved the outfits!I enjoyed your post, great memories!!
    LoVe Maria x

  5. I enjoyed reading that very much, I remember wishing so much that I could have a sindy doll, but alas it never happened. I did have the smaller Pippa dolls though and they were great fun to play with, my daughter has them now :) x

  6. Ah this has brought back lovely memories.I still have my Sindy doll and did a post about the clothes I still have for her. My mum made a lot of them for me, she used to take in sewing to help out the finances and if she had any material left over from alterations, my Sindy used to get a new outfit. I will never part with her, the one thing I regret is that I had a wardrobe for her clothes which was given to me by a friend, made by her father out of wood and finished beautifully and I havent got that anymore.

  7. What a good memory you have and what a shame it took so long for you to get the doll you wanted. I had a doll too and love buying it new outfits with my pocket money. It didn't look like Sindy or Tina so I did some research after reading this and discovered it was called Petra. I spent most of my childhood in Germany and they had their own type of doll too! What a shame Sindy has taken over the world!
    Sarah x

    1. Sorry I meant Barbie in the last sentance not Sindy!
      Sarah x

  8. What an amazing collection you have Thea! Those outfits....they look great! When I see your Sindy's it makes me wish I kept mine.

    Happy new week.

    Madelief x

  9. A super collection of Sindy dolls Thea.
    A long time in coming, but you sure have them dressed so nicely.
    I like the story of the shop and your parents. Nice memories
    val x

  10. Hi Thea, what a super nostalgic sweet post. I love your girls..they are so pretty and glamorous.
    I had a sweet Sindy travel case, which opened up to reveal a bed etc...and two Sindys. Unfortunatly these were also destined for the charity shop. I adore vintage Sindy dolls, I think they have one of the nicest doll faces ever produced.
    My little one is Barbie mad (urghh...) and she plays ever so lovingly with them and gets so much joy from them. In spite of her age, she has kept them pristine....and if she ever tires of them they are to be beautifully wrapped and placed in trunk in the attic to be either presented to her when she is grown..or discovered when I am pushing up Daisies. ;D
    Thanks for sharing that wonderful trip down memory lane.

  11. I still have my Sindy doll and all her clothes - and she has been one of my daughter's favourite toys. I ruined her hair giving her a shampoo and set circa 1970 and she has had frizzy hair ever since!

    Pomona x

  12. Loved reading this post Thea,I'm so glad You now own some Sindys,I loved Sindy when I was little too but didnt have one.Lovely memories of your daughter and you having Sindy afternoons,My daughter and i were the same,I spent hours with her dressing them ,doing there hair,tea parties,Theyre all in the attic now,maybe,if Were lucky grandchildren would like them one day.....


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