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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Mum's China Dolls Tea Set *~*

The other day I was having a sort out and found my mum's china dolls tea set, all carefully wrapped up in a shoe box, My first recollection of it was seeing it displayed  in a glass cabinet in the front room of my family home.

I was occasionally allowed to play with it but I knew I had to be very I made sure the dolls, golly and teds behaved themselves!

I can remember my mum telling me that it was very special because it had survived a war ( she was living in London at the time)

So now I am going to give it to my daughter Pippa so she can pass it on to her little daughter Lette

But before I wrap it all back up , I am going to sit read my magazine with a mug of tea and ponder over  my memories of   " The China Dolls Tea Set" that survived a war, I must remember to tell Lette one day

                                                                                 Thea xx


  1. Thea, what a darling little t-set. How fun to remember the stories your mum told you about it. I had a similar experience with my grandmother, a pretty little set that she would dig out of the trunk once in awhile and let me play with. She always promised it to me when I was'big' but that never happened and I don't know what happened to it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. That is a lovely story of a beautiful little china teaset. You r granddaughter will be excited.

  3. Aw Thea that is sooo lovely! I especially love the teapot with the little girl on the scooter. It's lovely how you can pass it on and there's a tale to go with it too. You've made me very nostalgic for the doll's tea parties I had as a child! Enjoy your weekend, Claire xxx

  4. That is so pretty - I know two little girls that would love a set like that, but how long it would last I'd dread to think.

    Nina x

  5. A beautiful illistrated doll's tea set. I love it Thea.
    what a wonderful idea to pass it on. nice to write a story about it and when packing, put it in the shoe box.

    I remember having a very small one mother brought it out now and again. lost along the way.

    lovely photos.
    happy thursday

  6. I too have an old dolls tea set but mine was bought years ago from a little antiques shop that has long closed down. I have it in a china cabinet but it's not as pretty as yours! The Landscape magazine is great - it has lots of wonderful features and recipes.

  7. What a lovely thing to have, amazing that it has survived!

  8. Helllo,
    Lovely Thea,
    I got soo excited reading this post, as I love, this little tea set....
    I have been making your photographs bigger, so I can see the detail on it to!! haha...
    A lovely tale to pass on with it too, you have made us all really nostalgic....
    Thank you for kind thoughts over on mine,its getting so close to the games now, I can't sleep, as I can't stop thinking of it!!
    Wishing you a lovely rest of week Thea....
    Love Maria x

  9. What a lovely tea set Thea. You are right to pass it on in the family. I am sure your daughter and granddaughter will love it!

    Madelief x

  10. Such a sweet tea lovely that it has been passed down and enjoyed in your family :)

  11. What a wonderful heirloom to have in your family and past through the generations.
    Sarah x

  12. Hi Thea: I know I already commented on your darling little tea set, but wanted to thank you for coming by the Cottage and looking at the kitchen and all of it's collectibles. I'm so glad you liked it and I appreciate all your sweet comments..Happy Weekend..Judy

  13. What an enchanting teaset! Lucky, lucky Lette. Its history certainly does make you stop and think. Ooh, I can see from your picture in the right margin that you have a thing for rabbits too ;-)

    Warm wishes,


  14. It is a beautiful tea set - and so lovely to pass it and the memories on.

    Pomona x


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