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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Thrift Finds in August *1*

A pottery Pussycat

An Vintage Nightie Case

Three Bone China Tea Plates

A Flower Fairy Picture

A Set of Portmeirion Serviette Rings £1.50

A Pretty Bone China Sugar Bowl

Two 1920s Fairytale Books 50p each

Wonderful Pictures

A Rattan Laundry Box £7.00

A Pretty Box Of New Tea Plates £2.50

Another Laundry Basket £3.00 ( which has now been spruced up and painted)
I have been very lucky this month Thea x


  1. Hello Thea:
    It seems to us that you have been extraordinary fortunate with so many of your August finds. We very much like both of the laundry baskets, the second having come up so well with your expert touch, which are, in any event, so very useful and practical. Also your sugar basin is really pretty.

  2. Hi Thea
    You've found some lovely things there; I especially like the old books! X Sally

  3. Wonderful treasures thea,I especially love the old fairy books too,what a marvellous find :) xxx

  4. Hi Thea: You seem to be so lucky every month, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you are just a really smart and good buyer! All so pretty. You can really set a beautiful luncheon table next Spring with those pretty napkin rings and those little fairy tale books are the very best. Would love to find some like that, and I keep on looking..Happy Sunday..Judy

  5. Hello Thea,
    THOSE fairie books are beautiful, I could look through those, with a nice cuppa tea!!
    The sugar. bowl is lovely too.You have been finding some wonderful treasures here...
    Have a Lovely week!!
    LoVe Maria x

  6. Thea, You sure find some real super bargains.
    I love the box of rose plates.. always loved fairy books.
    Your baskets are great and you have painted the one up really well.
    you just have the knack of finding very special useful finds.
    enjoyed the post .
    Happy Sunday eve

  7. You have been lucky Thea! I love the books too and have got quite a few either bought at charity shops or boot sales or given from my mum and dad. I love the 'Susan' books by Jane Shaw from the 60's and occasionally get mine out to re read-very nostalgic!

  8. love youre finds like the fairytale book s a lot that interlude in the fairytale book is that text from peter pan ? could be ???? greetings have a lovely day leon10

  9. Hello Thea, what lovely finds ... Love your spruced up chairs from last post too!

    Have a lovely week,

    Claire xxx

  10. Hi Thea,
    I love your August finds such treasures. Did you get them all in charity shops? Your laundry basket looks fantastic.
    Sarah x

  11. Hello Sarah
    Yes all from charity shops, I have been to a few this month, as Fin's job takes him all over the country, I sometimes go with him
    and this is what I found
    Thea x

  12. What fabulous finds. Those books are my favourite too. Here in our town the charity shops charge way too much so I hardly bother with them any more which is sad as it is the charities which miss out.

  13. Hi Thea, Your August finds are wonderful . . . and August isn't over . . . I wonder what other great things are waiting around the corner for you. I love the art in your books and those pink rose tea plates are adorable, not to mention that charming cat.

    Thanks for popping in and I'm glad that my old schoolbooks brought back childhood memories. Yes, I'm sure that our books were very similar . . . just different names.
    I love company and feel very honored when you visit.
    I wish I could have offered you refreshments.
    Have a wonderful week, Connie :)

  14. What a fantastic collection! Can I come shopping with you next time?!

    Pomona x


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