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Monday, 6 August 2012

Update On Our Herb Garden *~*

The Herb Garden has taken a battering with all the relentless rain we have had, but at last the sun is shinning and the herbs are smiling!
A (come by chance) Sunflower seeded it self, so I have let it grow Weeeed !!!!!
Herbs drying in the kitchen...
Here are some Borage flowers and Lemon verbena leaves I am freezing...Summer drinks are served!


  1. Your herb garden looks lovely and I would love to have one of those herb drying racks too.
    Sarah x

  2. Love the herb garden and would love a drink with funky ice cubes.

  3. Hi Thea,
    I would loVe a herb garden, like yours....
    I do grow herbs on my window sills as I like to use in my pasta etc...
    Your herb dryer is wonderful too Thea... (Love that idea)
    I am sure you have heard the saying ' May all your weeds be wild flowers'....
    Have a week full of loveliness and your words over on mine , were soo kind!
    Love Maria x

  4. Gosh Thea, how your herb garden has come on. Ever so lovely. You can now just pick them and have them fresh in the kitchen.. love them hanging up..
    "sunflower" weeeed..where is bill and ben.. I love the red compliments the space so well.
    Incredible ice cubes.. i have never seen that before. would love to try them.
    Hope your weather stays well.
    best wishes
    val x x x

  5. Hi Thea: How wonderful to have fresh herbs. Rosemary I can grow but not too much else, and you can't buy any at the super market that tastes that good! Thank you for your sweet words on the post about the Farmer's Market. I, at least, can buy good herbs there. I love your comment about the gold mine making Royal wedding rings. That is so unique..Happy Monday..Judy

  6. Сушка травы служит и украшением:)

  7. So nice to read that summer has arrived!
    I'm afraid not here in Norway!
    Your herb garden looks lovely!

    Juliëtte xxx

  8. Yes love your herb garden.I have one of those drying rank will get it out now I have seen your.Love your dresser too!x


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