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Monday, 10 September 2012

Autumn Cooking for My Boys*~*

It was one of those rare weekends when both my sons Matt and Freddie came to visit together, as they live in opposite parts of the country this does not happen very often.
So I decided to do a spot of cooking..... I bought some lovely apples from the market so I made an apple pie with some of them,,,,,

Dug out the bread maker and made a loaf...... then baked a few fruit scones...

Made some end of summer veg soup.....

I love the golden colour of this soup....

And lastly a plate of chocolate fairy cakes......

We had a great weekend together and I have now hung my apron up until next time .......


  1. Hi Thea: I find your blog just delightful. I found you from Madelief and I am happy to follow along. I live near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 45 min west in a small town. I am in love with your white cupboard shown in this post. You must have so much fun with it. Deb

  2. That apple pie looks amazing Thea, to feed your hungry boys! I have 3 and know that they can demolish a mountain of food without blinking!All looks very lovely ... how many bin bags of washing did they bring you in return?

    Have a lovely week,

    Claire xxx

  3. Looks absolutely delicious.I am in awe of that pie!

  4. I've just made a big pot of soup too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I bet your sons really appreciated all the hard work. There's nothing better than fresh ingredients. The food tastes so much better.
    Love your dresser!

  6. Hello lovely Thea,
    This post is perfect!
    I am so happy you 'had your boys home' and were able to bake for them!!
    I struggle with baking am afraid, but your fruit pie looks wonderful and those fairy cakes!!
    I bet they did not hang around for too long.
    Thea, I just wanted to say also that your comments meant the world to me, over on mine and I really appreciate the kindness and friendship shown through our blogs....
    I agree we do have lots in common and I always look forwards to your posts.
    Wishing you a week full of sweetness.
    loVe Maria x

  7. Dear Thea,

    You have a touch of magic as your blog is an enchanting place.

    What a beautiful dresser! And that apple pie is drop dead gorgeous!

    Warmest wishes from your latest follower.


  8. Hi Thea, I am so impressed by your apple pie it looks huge! Hope you had a good time with your boys, I always like to spend time cooking to welcome the children home too.
    Sarah x

  9. Oh my - you are making me feel so hungry. That apple pie looks divine.

    Nina x

  10. Hi Thea: I bet your boys love to come back home to get some of that wonderful mum-made home cooking. It all looks very delicious. Thanks for your kind comments to me.. Take care and Happy Wednesday..Judy

  11. It all looks just too good!! That is one delicious looking apple pie..yummy. You sure have been busy in the kitchen :) I am glad to hear you had a lovely visit with your sons..
    Enjoy the weekend...
    Magie x

  12. Dear Thea,

    It all sounds delicious. Your sons are lucky to have you as their mother!!!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x


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