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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Birthday Treat In the Cairngorms*~*

Last year for my birthday we took a trip to the Cairngorms so I could fulfil a dream and meet the reindeer. I have always loved seeing the reindeer at Christmas ( pulling Father Christmas through the town) but longed to see them in the wild, but apart from travelling to Scandinavia I did not think I ever would,

Then Fin read an article about the Reindeer Centre in the Cairngorms, so last October off we went. We stayed in a lovely country hotel just outside Avimore, once settled we went in search of the reindeer .... We found out that we had to turn up the next day at 10am with our £10.00 and we would be met by a member of the team who would guide us to the that's exactly what we did, we all met up and off we trekked...

The snow had arrived early on the mountains....

We started walking the stunning 30 minute trek ....
Crossing the burn with beautiful views before us....

gently climbing up and up......

and there they were......

such a wonderful sight reindeer's in the Cairngorms..

We were given special grain to feed them gentle and oh so soft
Then off they went....
I had such a wonderful time, I shall never forget the day I met Rudolf ..Thank you Fin x


  1. I've been there and done that and it was magical as you now know, now you've done it. Scotland is just breathtaking, I love it! Is it your birthday now or soon??? Happy Birthday if so. xx

    1. Hi Suzy
      yes it was so magical, no its not quite my birthday yet, end of October, but thank you anyway ,I shall save your wishes until then
      Thea x

  2. What a lovely experience Thea, and the scenery is amazing! xxx

  3. Hi Thea,I'm so happy for you,You got to fulfil your dream to meet the Reindeer. What beautiful scenery too! I've never been to Scotland but do hope to one day...
    Special birthday wishes to you,love Julie Xxxx

  4. Really beautiful photographs. When I was a child I was not sure if Reindeer were real, or like Unicorns, make belive, they were so magical. They still are. A wonderful way to spend a birthday! x

  5. Reindeer, we have lots of them here in Norway!
    I like them very much!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo's!!

    Juliëtte xxx

  6. How fabulous! I wish we didn't live so far away from Scotland!

  7. Какое счастье, когда сбываются мечты!)

  8. Hello for a long time Thea I didn't believe Reindeer's to be real and really only had 'magical' thoughts of them leading up until Christmas'.....
    Your pictures are lovely and Reindeer,s are indeed magical creatures!You will remember that holiday for always!
    Do you know Thea, we would also have loved you dropping in for tea and chats this week, I know we would have had lots to talk about! hehe..
    Love Maria x

  9. Reindeer's - how wonderful.. I took the girls to see one a couple of years ago at a Christmas fair and they were transfixed.

    Nina x

  10. Oh Thea. I wish I could stow away in your suitcase when you take all your wonderful trips. Seems like you have so many great places to go in your beautiful country. What a treat to be so close to the reindeer. Thank you for your kind words to me, as always, on my post. Buddy goes to vet tomorrow to see how he is doing. Thanks for asking..Happy Thursday..Judy

  11. What a magical experience for the mere sum of £10! It looks a wonderful thing to do, I wish we lived closer!
    Thanks for sharing this and showing us the lovely photos - the reindeer are so cute, and what a majestic setting!

  12. What a beautiful birthdaygift and what a wonderful trip. Love your photo's.

  13. What an experience to be allowed to get so close to a reindeer.
    Such wonderful creatures.
    Your photos are beautiful Thea.
    A nice birthday gift from Finn.
    happy weekend
    val xx

  14. Brilliant photos, and such an exciting experience.
    thank you for sharing.

  15. Hello Thea
    I've just popped over from Claire's blog Thriftwood to congratulate you and also to say what a lovely blog you have ....very inviting.
    Gosh! what a birthday treat too lucky you!
    I am your newest follower and am off back into to your blog to look some more :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thank you for finding me you are very welcome , I am very lucky to have won so thank you for your words
      Thea x

  16. Heartstoppingly beautiful. Reindeer; sigh of pleasure. Happy, belated birthday to you!

  17. What a wonderful birthday treat. It must have been amazing to see them close up and something you will remember for a long time.
    Sarah x

  18. wonderful deers very nice to see


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