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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Getting the Dresser Ready For Halloween*~*

I have been busy decorating the dresser...

The Pumpkin has been carved , Paddington Bear has a
little bit of the devil in him....

There is a photo of my lovely Dad.....

My Mums old scent bottle....

For me Halloween is time for lots of fun... and to remember loved ones past

The bunnies look a little bit worried....

I picked a few flowers from the garden....

Pumpkin is ready and waiting...

I made the Autumn leaf garland this year.. but the rest of the decorations have been collected over the last few years...

An old postcard of Peter Pan and a card my Dad sent my Mum x...

My Journal and my book of poems....

I always have a poem in my head and sometimes I write them down....

Even the teds got dressed up...

I know they should really be sitting on a broomstick...

Whatever Halloween means to you, I hope you have a wonderful time...Stay cosy and............... Be Blessed
Thea xx


  1. Lovely decs Thea,I must admit to not having got any out this year but I will put my witches in the window and have to pumpkins to carve tonight,sweets that I have bought for the knocks at the door ready in my couldren so I have done something.Hope you have a lovely time love Jill xx

  2. Hi Thea,
    Ooh it is my turn to now say, I wish I lived nearer to you dear friend, then we could brew some spells together!Loved this post very much and so much of what you say I can agree with.I have a card on display from Dad to Mum,from before they were married...(it must be over fifty years old) Your pumpkin is pretty splendid too Thea and what can I say about Paddington! He simply looks the 'bees knees'...
    Happy Halloween and I too am glad we are friends!! You always say the kindest comments!
    Love Maria x

  3. Oh Thea that is just glorious and how organised are you! It looks so warm and cosy and inviting. Suzy x

  4. Oh Thea, what a fabulous display! I love how you've included your loved ones in the display, it seems a very reminiscent and poignant time for everyone at the moment. Paddington and the teddies on horseback look fabulous, and the pumpkin is perfect. Very atmospheric and inspirational.

    Take care and bless you too,

    Claire xx

  5. Love your dresser decorations.

    Your pumpkin looks so festive.

    For us it is our anniversary, we love Halloween as well!

    Hope you have a wonderful Trick or Treat night!

  6. Your dresser looks wonderful all ready for Halloween. I have never seen Paddington Bear looking such a devil before! Have a good time.
    Sarah x

  7. Hi Thea. I love your outlook on Halloween. It can be so many things to everyone and a little bit different each time. Your dresser looks just wonderful and who says bear witches have to ride on broomsticks. A good steed is better any day any way..Happy Halloween to you..Judy

  8. What a delightful mix - I particularly like your memories and cards, very sweet
    Best wishes

  9. Lovely post Thea,Your home and dresser looks wonderful,love the bears and cutie Paddington,happy Halloween,lots of love,XxXxXx julie.

  10. Hi Thea - your house is looking really lovely. What a nice idea to remember lost loved ones at this time and to have their special things around. Have a special day. Lily. xxx

  11. Brilliant ideas there Thea!! Your dresser looks wonderful. Halloween to me is a time to remember those loved ones who have passed.Tomorrow is All saints day and we are supposed to remember those who have gone before.
    My grandchildren love halloween for the dressing up and trick or treating and I must admit I love to decorate the front window so that the little ones in our road come with their parents for sweeties!!

  12. Your dresser looks beautifully spooky! We have to keep it beautiful, don't we! Ada :)

  13. Such al lovely post!
    I love your Halloween dresser!
    Soon it will be Halloween here to.
    Not so much out here, where we live!
    But more in the villages and the big city's.
    Have a very nice Halloween!!

    Kisses Juliëtte

  14. I love all your Halloween decorations! The dresser looks pretty as well as spooky and halloweeny, and I love the autumn leaf garland!
    Happy Halloween!
    Helen x

  15. Your dresser looks wonderful in its Halloween gear, so festive and cheerful, a little scary and maybe that Paddington Bear looks up to no good.....
    Hope you had a great evening Thea!

  16. What a spookly cute Halloween display. I love the little devils outfit on Paddington bear and the adorable witchy bears.
    Magie x


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