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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Wooden Horse, Ted's And Pixie's *~*

On Saturday I popped into my local C Shop and sitting in the corner under a mountain of worn out children's clothes sat this little fellow,  and I just knew he was coming home with me (£10)

Not sure what I am going to do to him yet, I will probably give him a sand down and a wax

So for now I have sat the old ted's on him,...

This is my new Pixie girl I made from the Tilda books, she is larger than the other two I made, so not so fiddly to stuff...

I crochet her a pair of shoes....

Then Pixies had a ride on the horse....

Well  I am sure Lette ( my baby granddaughter) will enjoy riding him when she is a little older...but for now he is in my sitting room with the old ted's 
Love Thea xx


  1. Ah, what a cute horse and just made for those teds by the look of things!

  2. Hi Thea,what a wonderful rocking horse,I'm sure your grandaughter will love it for many years to come,it looks so charming with the teds displayed.I LOVE pixie girl,Have you thought of selling them,I would be your first customer? :)happy week lovely,Xxxxlove julieX

    1. Hello Julie
      Thank you for your lovely comments, I have never thought about selling my work.. perhaps I should give it some thought, I will definitely let you know first
      Thea x

  3. Wow ,what a find for £10! It looks lovely with the teddys riding it. Love the pixies slippers too - they are really dinky.

  4. Hi lovely Thea,
    What an adorable post....
    Your rocking horse is beautiful and I can imagine your little Lette, having such fun on her!
    We have the Mailege pixies arriving at work just now and I can honestly say I think yours are far more beautiful with lots more character*****
    Now on to those Teds!! Love their sweet expressions as they 'pose' for the picture!!! hehe..
    Keep cosy Thea, very cold here dear
    Love Maria x

  5. What a great buy Thea! Your bears look like they are enjoying the horse too ;-)

    Your pixies look lovely!!

    Madelief x

  6. What a great buy, your baby grand daughter is going to love playing on it when she is older. My daughter has never forgiven me for getting rid of her rocking horse.
    Sarah x

  7. I think your pixies and teddies are rather pleased you brought him home! Ada :)

  8. Hi Thea! Loving the rocking horse, Lette will love it when she is older I'm sure.I just want to know how you managed to get the face so round on the pixie doll? It doesnt look as if there is a seam down the face? Please share your secrets!! Love, Anne

    1. Hello Anne
      Thank you for your lovely comments
      I made the Pixie girls from the pattern in Tilda's "Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle" book they have just round heads no seams
      Hope this helps
      Thea x

  9. A cute rocking horse Thea..
    For sure your little grandaughter will be delighted with it. You bought another bargain.. they are expensive in the toy shops.
    Very pretty pixie girl.
    happy wednesday eve

  10. Good evening Thea :-)

    Your Pixie maiden is truly beautiful and I LOVE her crochet slippers. I find her dress hangs perfectly; most elegant in fact.

    Warmest wishes from France,


  11. Hi Thea. Just the cutest little thing. Won't Lette have some fun. Your little red girls are very sweet too..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  12. Your horse is so cute!!
    I shear your love for horses!
    Ha,ha... only we have real ones.

    Juliëtte xxx

  13. I love your pixie girl, she is so beautiful.
    thanks for the info on craftseller mag, i managed to get hold of a copy on ebay :o)
    love jooles x

  14. Oh I'm sure she will - he is totally gorgeous.

    Nina x

  15. hi there- just came over to say thanks for following my blog.
    Love your wooden horse...much safer (and cheaper to keep) I feel than my dear Bruce!

  16. Oh Thea!
    That is a lovely, lucky find.

    ...and another gorgeous Angel!

    What talent you have
    Daisy x

    Ps Thank you so much for featuring my giveaway i really appreciate it.

  17. The wooden horse is just so sweet, I am sure your grand daughter will just love it when she is old enough and the teddy's look pretty happy there as well :)
    Magie x

  18. Doux message! :O) Surtous j'adore la poupe elle est vrement super fait! Félicitation!!!! :O)
    Et cool blog!
    Bonne semaine!
    xxx Maria xxx

  19. Hello,
    The horse is gorgeous. I think children prefer these simple playthings, they encourage them to use their imagniations. you don't see things like this around so much any more. A man in my village makes them, but not quite the same as this.
    I love the pixies! The shoes are beautiful and they are so pretty. your home must be such a beautiful place. xxx

  20. I love the teds... mine sit on an old dolls house. Lizzie


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