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Monday, 5 November 2012

My Childhood Dolls *~*

I still have three of my childhood dolls
Karen, Sandra and Susan....

 Karen was quite a handful as she was a large baby doll who needed a lot of looking after, she often shared my bath and consequently ended up full of water, so my Dad secretly took her to his work shed and drilled some holes in her so she could drain out ( poor thing )  I am so glad that I never witnessed this deed I would have been mortified....

Sandra... was a special Christmas doll all dressed in her velvet a fur outfit, I can remember the 1965 Christmas morning that I first laid eyes on her, she was all wrapped up in a box covered in a layer of snowman paper  with a message from my Dad,  A Pedigree doll with long brown locks just waiting to be brushed and styled..

Her hair is a little brittle now and her eyelashes are missing but I still love her!

And the came along Susan she was a birthday present from my Auntie ... she wore a summer dress with an apples and pears pattern on it ( long gone now)

They live together in a wicker basket.... and every now and the I take them out and sit them on the bed in the spare bedroom and remember the days that I spent playing with them, all the tea party's they had with the teds .... and all the secrets I told them

Time they were put back in the basket now.... until another day ....Thea x


  1. Oh Thea, you've brought back lovely memories ... I clearly remember the smell of stagnant water caused by bathing with my dolls! I had a Sandra too, but mine was called Pauline ... I no longer have my dolls, I think my wicked stepmother had a big clearout! I had more than ten, and used to put them all to bed at night ... must have taken hours!

    Lovely, nostalgic post, and thanks for popping over to mine

    Claire xxx

    1. Hello Claire
      Now you have talked about "Pauline" it jogged my memory that I used to own a doll that I called Pauline, I washed her lovely chestnut locks and to my horror her hair turned green over night.. I wonder what they used to put in washing up liquid in those day's??... Not sure what happend to the poor girl after that
      Thea xx

  2. Aw - how lovely that you still have them and so many memories too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Hello Thea,
    Ooh I can remember bathing my dolls too, and the stale water always left inside! Good idea your dear Dad had to drill and drain.
    Mine was called Tina Marie and she was already second hand.
    I also had a baby doll, named Ann.Think I used to trim her hair often as I had budding dreams of becoming a hairdresser then....In the end I received a 'Girls world' head to cut and style! (remember them) And poor Ann spent the rest of her days wearing a bonnet! Poor doll.hehe.

    Lovely memories Thea, thanks for letting us all relive a few with you!
    Love Maria x

    1. Hello Maria
      Thats funny I wanted to be a hairdresser, I spent hours styling my dolls hair too, Alas my very domineering Mother had other idea's, So I ended up working in a Building Scociety which was not for me at all...Then went on to train as a florist.. C'est la vie
      Thea xx

  4. I still have a few dolls packed away, my special "baby" doll must have had at least 4 heads as I used to leave her near the fire and her poor head would sink at the side she bravely went to hospital each time :)
    loveely memories

  5. My dolls are long since gone, but it was nice seeing yours that look in such good condition and reliving some memories.
    Have a good week and thank you for mentioning my give away.
    Sarah x

  6. I've still got mine, in my wooden memory chest, sadly they don't look anywhere near as good as yours, they went to the hairdressers, I didn't realise it wouldn't grow back! :)

  7. My dolls too are sadly long gone but I do remember them with love and the excitement of them appearing on Christmas day/s over time! Suzy x

  8. Your childhood dolls are very pretty!
    My mother gave al my dolls away! :(

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  9. thoroughly enjoyed this post Thea! I was thinking about doing a post about mine!! I actually had a doll exactly like your first doll and I am ashamed to say when I split from my first husband I left her behind and she was thrown out! I did take my others though and one of them has a lovely story so I may yet tell it! Watch out for that post and I will mention you as my inspiration. Take care, love Anne X

  10. How lovely that they have been looked after so well. I have happy memories of my dolls but sadly they must have been given away. Thank you for reminding me how loved they were. Karen x

  11. My Mum still has my dolls packed up somewhere at home..I will have to bring them here when my little one is a bit older to play with them.
    I like your Christmas doll..she has very pretty ice blue eyes.
    Thanks dpe sharing them x

  12. How wonderful, that you still have your dolls. They must have enjoyed their time in the bedroom today.
    I remember the very first barbie that came out in the 50ºs.. i used to brush her hair and mum would buy me new clothes for her..she went eveywhere with me.
    My sister had one of the rubber dolls.. i remember hers too having water come out the legs and the side.. she called her bubbles. she never let me play with it. She had Bubbles until she was 19. Dear Thea.. you take such great care in looking after your toys from your youth.. I think its lovely.
    thank you for showing us Sandra Karen and Susan..
    hugs and thank you for your kind comments on my posts.
    val xxx


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