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Thursday, 1 November 2012

November in My Garden *~*

I had a lovely walk around the garden today, yes it was chilly but I thought it would be a good chance to catch the plants before they fade or go to sleep for the winter while the light was good....

One of two" hydrangea paniculata" that I bought with me from Cornwall, they have flowered their little hearts out this year...

This mop head hydrangea has now turned pink, it was bright blue when it grew in Cornwall due to the very acid soil down there...she is gradually fading now...

Rudbeckia's still holding on.. I grew these from seed (they are very easy) I shall leave the seed heads on for the birds...

 Last two roses on the arch.. so pleased with this rose " Wedgwood" he has only been in a year and he has done very well..

Another rose "Aphrodite" she has been absolutely beautiful.. although fading now..

The hornbeam showing off his wonderful autumn colours..

The pots waiting for the bulbs to appear.....

Everything is looking a little tired and slowly going to sleep...
Time to go indoors with flowers I have picked and get cosy...

There... this rose is my favourite  "Golden Jubilee" so perfect... who would have  thought you could pick a posy in November!

Thank you for coming with me its time for tea.. enjoy!
                        **As always your words are so very special thank you Thea xx**


  1. Thank you for sharing your walk around your lovely garden with us. It's nice to still bring in some flowers from the garden , despite things starting to fade. The colour of your hornbeam is amazing.
    Sarah x

  2. Dear Thea,

    "Wedgewood", "Aphrodite" are beautiful names. I love names, don't you? They evoke a character, add depth to a beautiful bloom.

    Your garden is looking pretty lovely for early November. We too have roses still. How lovely to be able to come back in to the warmth of your cosy home. I wish you a joyful weekend.


  3. Your garden still looks so lovely Thea.
    I did the same thing this morning.. took some nice photos. Today has been a lovely day here, still have some roses.
    Thank you.. I would love to join you for tea.
    happy 1st november.
    best wishes to your little grandaughter.
    val x

  4. You have some lovely colours left in your garden and good girl leaving the seed heads for the birds! It's amazing how hydrangeas react to the different soil conditions, have you thought about giving her an acid feed? I always save the citrus peel and anything else acidy in a special compost bin for acid loving plants. Your jug of flowers is very sweet! Suzy ♥

    1. Hello Suzy
      Yes you are right perhaps I should give her a feed or I might just leave her alone and let her choose what colour she wants to be!
      Thank you for your words
      Thea x

  5. Well there is still plenty of colour! It's a bit sad watching it all starting to fade, at least there is always spring to look forward too! :)

  6. Thank you Thea
    I've enjoyed that walk around your garden with you and even if the garden is getting ready for its winter's rest I enjoyed it. A garden is something I so miss. We had a large garden when I was a child in Somerset. Mother had her roses and dad had is veg patch and aviary at the back even after so many years I miss it.
    I will have a cuppa if you don't mind and most particularly if it comes out of that nice teapot :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. Hello Thea. Halloween was good and not scary at all. So many little kids coming by and all so sweet. Hope yours was good as well. Your garden still had some pretty things blooming. Ours is pretty much gone but I did notice some hydrangeas hanging on and turning kind of red. I will pick them and hope they dry at this time. Thanks for your kind words to me..Happy Thursday..Judy

  8. What a pretty little posie, a little jug of pure joy. There are very slim pickings in my garden now :o)
    stay snug and cosy
    love jooles x
    P.S thank you very much for adding my giveaway link x

  9. lovely little posy Thea,Your garden still looks so pretty,happy weekend,love juliexxxx

  10. Such a lovely walk in your garden! I love the colours!
    And there is still so much to see!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  11. Your garden is still looking beautiful Thea, I cant believe how many flowers you still have to pick! Mine looks boring and set in for winter already.
    Have a great weekend and thankyou for visiting me!
    Gill xx

  12. Hi Thea, We had all of two callers on Halloween, due to the pouring rains....
    Your garden is still very pretty and showing lovely colours. Mother nature is playing naughty tricks in mine and little primroses are peeping through and
    I can't help thinking nature has been tricked by this crazy climate.Your roses look so lovely!
    Have a lovely weekend, I have some days off now so will be enjoying puttering! hehe..
    Love Maria x

  13. Hi again, Thea. I forgot to tell you that your tea pot is very pretty. Very autumnal. Thank you for your kind comments on my post to my Dad. He was very special and don't you just love all those clothes?..Happy Weekend..Judy

  14. Beautiful garden you have! I love mophead hydrangeas..they say if you bury a rusty nail near the hydrangea it will keep it blue..not sure if that is just an old wives tale or not though?
    Enjoy your pretty vase of cutflowers and your cup of tea...x

  15. Hello Thea lovely to meet you via Thriftwood. Your garden is very pretty. I just had a browse through some of your posts - your Halloween decorations were fun - we share the same sentiments - a time to celebrate and to remember loved ones passed on. I have a little paddington bear who travels in my car with me very like the one on your sidebar. Betty

  16. Good morning Thea, its cold and wet in Sussex but I have been cheered up by your lovely autumnal post. I love the colour of your garden seat. Karen x


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