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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Snow Babies, Little Deers and a Few Finds*~*

Today I have been clearing out a few cupboards to make space for Christmas goodies and I found these, they were my Grandma's, then passed on to my Mum, then on to me,  the snow babies have always sat on the christmas cake among the snow icing as long as I can remember....

They are sweet little folk that are showing their age now but I shall still sit them on my Christmas cake....

At the weekend while I was out and about I found these and fell in love with them....Little Deers

I bought four ......Ahh so sweet

Then I popped into the C shop and found a Peter Rabbit plate £1.50....

and this handpainted wooden box for £2.00....

Just right for my sewing bits and bobs....Thank you for reading my post I hoped you enjoyed it .
Thea  xx


  1. The snow babes are adorable Thea! It must be lovely to have things that have been passed down through your family ... xxx

  2. Such sweet little snow men for the christmas cake.
    sentimental. You have kept so many things from your childhood Thea.
    thats so nice.
    love the little bunny plate.

  3. How special. it's so lovely when things are passed down and loved so much. Loving your dear little deers, sounds like a very successful shopping trip. x

  4. Where do I start? I adore the Snow Babies, they are so beautiful! and the Deers, so sweet. Are they new and if so where did you buy them? I want!! The C shop finds are delicious too...I'm drooling here! Suzy x

  5. Hi Thea, your little snowbabies for the christmas cakes are lovely. My mum gave me some ornaments for the christmas tree that she always used but she isnt going to bake this year. For that matter neither am I making a christmas cake but I have put them away so they are safe.
    I love the little deers, they are very babycham arent they? X

  6. I think it's great all these little family traditions we have at Christmas. Those little snow babies are adorable! :)

  7. Those snow babies are so sweet! It's nice to have something that has been passed down through the generations. I love the cute deers. Such fab finds....
    Magie x

  8. Its lovely to bring out things that have been passed down,they are all lovely,love Peter rabbit plate and the box.xx

  9. Hello lovely ~ you~
    It seems their are a few of us walking together down memory lane just now Thea.......
    Those little Christmas past cake decorations are just lovely!
    But I also have a soft spot for those beautiful deers.
    I think I may have the Beatrix Potter plate in my collection from the children's gifts.....We are lucky Thea to own these heirlooms aren't we just.
    Sending kind thoughts.
    Love Maria x

  10. My Gran had those snow babies on her Xmas cake too - I wonder where they ended up! Love the box for your sewing bits!

  11. Oh very nice indeed - I particularly love the painted box, very charming. A coincidence that I have a box of little snow babies (wrapped in old newspaper - dated 1936) and I was going to get 'move them on' - I have begun sorting through Christmas 'stuff' and there is a great need to downsize sadly. Like you I would not give away any of my childhood bits though!
    Best wishes

  12. Such a lovely post Thea. I enjoyed your story of the Christmas babies passed on through the family. Your fleamarket finds look beautiful. The Peter Rabbit plate is a real bargain and the box looks lovely too.

    Your deer made me smile. I bought them in white :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    madelief x

  13. How wonderful to have those Christmas babies still in your family and brought out to celebrate Christmas each year. I loved your hand painted box, it will be ideal for bits in sewing.
    I was reading in Devon Life today that they are trying to find a way of producing a new Sindy to celebrate her 50th anniversary next year so keep your fingers crossed!
    Sarah x

  14. Very pretty finds and I love your sewing, too.


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