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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Kitchen and Gingerbread Biscuits*~*

I have decorated the Kitchen with some Christmas magic...


Feeling in the mood for baking, I thought I would bake some gingerbread biscuits...

The felt moose were watching carefully....

I put some festive music on....

Gathered my ingredients together....

I made these biscuits last year and the family loved them ...

I have had these cutters since I was little...

The house was filled with lovely aroma of warm gingerbread...

There, I wonder how long they will last...

                                                                           Thea xx


  1. Dear Thea,
    By the looks of things, those ginger biscuits look delicious. I doubt weather they will last very long.
    Its the season for cooking all those nice cookies and cakes and so on.
    Amazing that you still have your biscuit cutters after all these years.
    nice post
    happy evening

  2. lovely red christmas decorations o that gingerbread looks very pretty and you cant almost smell them from here pitty that there is not something like a smell an scent button on pc greetings and a nice warm evening leon10

  3. Ooohhh - could you come and do mine please. I'm so lacking in Christmas umph this year.

    Gingerbread is on the list this weekend too.

    Nina x

  4. Each time I visit your home looks more and more Christmassy. I love all your pictures today and those biscuits look so good.
    Sarah x

  5. What a beautiful kitchen, I bet it smelt wonderful as well with the aroma of gingerbread biscuits cooking :)
    Sue Xxx

  6. Oh wow, your kitchen looks so cosy and christmassy! I think the cookies will taste delicious, it's a pity that I can't taste them.

    xx Margriet

  7. Lovely Chistmassy kitchen Thea! Very inviting, and can smell the spicy gingerbread from here!

    Enjoy your evening,

    Love Claire xxx

  8. I can almost smell the gingerbread Mmmm. I love your little mooses (gosh what is the plural!!) they look very interested in the baking. xxx

  9. Oooh i want to sit in your kitchen right now, it looks so cosy and i bet it smells amazing with those gingerbread bickies Mmmmmmm
    love jooles x

  10. It all looks wonderful Thea, I can almost smell the gingerbread!

  11. Your home looks amazing Thea and those gingerbread are making my mouth water :o) xxx

  12. I bet not long. Your kitchen is simply charming. Love it. Hugs, Deb

  13. Oh Thea, I just love your cosy kitchen, the Christmas decorations are adorable. I bet those cookies tasted delicious!
    Caroline xx

  14. Love your Christmassy kitchen..such lovely decorations.
    Mmmmm those gingerbread biscuits look really good..yummy!
    Have a great weekend x

  15. I love your sweet Christmas decorations!
    I can smell the fresh baked gingerbread!
    So very cosy!

    Have a nice weekend!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  16. Your kitchen looks so festive! Love it! :)

  17. The gingerbread looks fabulous & I love your decorations. XX

  18. I love your red and white kitchen! The angel and moose are just darling! You know it's nearly Christmas when the house smells of gingerbread - delicious looking biscuits. Best wishes, Pj x

  19. You kitchen is looking beautiful Thea! Love the gingerbread too, so festive.
    Victoria xx

  20. Such a pretty kitchen you have Thea! It has a very warm and cosy feel to it. Your home made decorations really catch the eye!

    Wish you a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  21. OMG what a lovely blog it has really cheered me up your kitchen is beautiful. LBF x


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