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Monday, 17 December 2012

My Christmas books *~*

I always been in  love with Christmas.. this has led me to collect Christmas books

I gradually add to my basket of treasure every year from Ebay and C shop finds etc..
I was so happy when I found this book as it was the special Christmas book that I owned as little girl..

Fin has bought me some lovely surprises, this one was in my stocking last year...

So very special..I used to write letters to my children from Father Christmas...


This Fairy Tale book has beautiful gilt edges and illustrations...

I collect new and old .... I love them all

I  just love cosying up,  choosing a book.. then to be transported to the land of Christmas..

where it snows and children laugh at the sight of a special little visitor..  robin redbreast..
I know I  know ..but you are never to old to read a fairy story
So now the kettle is on and I have a mince pie warming in the which one shall I choose.
Special Christmas Wishes to you all Thea x


  1. You have some fab books and the illustrations are great. Have a good Christmas!

  2. Lovely books Thea ... I especially love Jolly Snow and A Very Specal Christmas, but recognise some if the others too. Enjoy your mince pie and thanks for your lovely comments earlier.

    Love Claire xxx

  3. pretty christmasbooks i have also tolkiens letters from father christmas in dutch ! but the christmas fairy tale book is very pretty de prints are so lovely have a happy lovely and merry christmas greetings leon10

  4. Hello, lovely, Thea.
    Ooh I recognise some of these very special books, too, love the'Snow angel'! There is some thing very magical about these vintage books and they are just perfect for cosying down with a mince pie and a lovely cup of tea... .. Have you read'Angela and the baby Jesus, Thea? This reminds myself, as I always felt sorry for the baby in the manager with straw and wanted to cover him up and bring him home!! hehe..Honestly! My most favourite time was when Mum took us all to see the Nativity in town and I would just gaze at the crib and donkeys and ox and of course Mary...Sending you all the trimmings , dear friend.
    Love Maria x

    1. Hello my dear friend
      Your memories are so moving bless you...
      and yes I was the same, when I was a little Brownie I wrapped the little "Jesus" in my woolly scarf (It must be the Mothering instinct in us)
      I have not read.. Angela and the baby Jesus.. but it sounds a beautiful story
      Thea xx

  5. What a special collection and wonderful memories!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. They are really lovely Thea. I used to buy all sorts of special christmas books for my boys when they were growing up, I wonder if they still have them at their dad's house?

  7. Sounds lovely, very Christmasy and cosy. Lovely collection. x

  8. knock, knock - just popping round for my mince pie and a read of a lovely book. They are delicious - though feeling a bit bad as I have just given some to the charidee shop....regrets...
    Never mind I can look at yours and I am sure that I have one or two left..
    Keep warm and cosy
    Best wishes

  9. What a wonderful collection of books you have there. Suzy x

  10. A lovely collection - I do love vintage childrens books - their innocence and beautiful illustrations are very special.

  11. Hi Thea - I love how you collect these books. Old children's books are such treasures. I have unfortunately misplaced my favourite one and its really upset me. It was called the Christmas Tree Fairy and it was about a fairy who did not want to be put back in the box with the other decorations after Christmas. I can recite bits of it word for for word even now as I got my Mam to read it to me so many times when I was little. I hope its safely stashed up in my attic as I will be very sad if its really missing. Enjoy your special books. Lily. xxx

    1. Hello Lily
      I hope you find your preciuos book it sounds a wonderful story
      Winter wishes
      Thea x

  12. What a fabulous collection, you are spoilt for choice!
    wishing you a lovely Christmas time
    love jooles x

  13. What a lovely collection of children's Christmas books you have, Thea. How wonderful to dip into them and find yourself in that magical world! I loved reading Christmas books to my children and now my grandchildren....but maybe I need to have some just for me?!
    Helen x

  14. Dear Thea,
    How I wish that I still had some of my books from when i was a child. You have a wonderful collection. How great that you have kept them so long. It has been such a pleasure to share your lovely home with me. Thank you
    Its a busy time now.
    My family arrive in a few days.
    I would like to wish you and Fin a very Happy Christmas.
    Thank you for following me in blogland... for leaving your comments.
    I always enjoy passing by your blog too.
    Have a lovely time.
    God bless
    looking forward to more blogging in 2013..
    val xx

  15. I love your Christmas books it is so lovely to bring them out and re-read the old favourites and passing those tales on to your grand daughter too.
    Sarah x


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