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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We Changed Our Shed Into A Tea Room !!

We have nearly finished our garden room, it has been transformed from a dingy sectional shed to a garden haven for Fin and I. We are both so pleased, as we did not have the space or the funds for a summerhouse, so this is the next best thing !
Everything in the room were either charity finds or items we already owned
The sofa cost £50.00, the mat £3.00
We still have to buy a floor covering but it will have to wait for a while, The only new things we bought were some more paint, wood for Fin to make the dresser shelves, and the light (re vamped with some paint and pre loved lampshades they cost 99p)
I hope you enjoyed your visit please call again!

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Button Fairy~~~~~

The Button Fairy Brooch

My Sewing /Craft Room

Nearly tidy!!

I was meant to be tidying  my sewing room (I have a small room at the front of the house). It is very easy to leave it a little messy, " later" I will return to poke the pins and needles away, fold up the unused fabric and stuff  off  cuts into the "rag bag", this is when I became distracted, as I picked up a tiny piece of yellow fabric, it looked just like a tiny pair of wings, so there I sat fiddling and faffing as the tiny Button Fairy emerged all 3inches of her, so the room stayed untidied but I walked away wearing a pretty little brooch~~~~

Monday, 21 May 2012

A Hat fit for the Queen *~*

The Queen's Golden Jubilee is soon to be, so our little family have decided to celebrate with a special Afternoon Tea and BBQ, fingers crossed the weather is fine. So I have been sorting through my hats for Pippa and I to wear, I don't think the boys will need one!
This was the hat I wore for Pippa's Wedding.....
I wore this hat to the races....
I have owned this hat for years it has had many different embellishments attached to it, great one for keeping the sun off!
This is my latest edition £2.99 charity find,
My Grandma's Hat Box... now where did I put that hat pin?

Friday, 18 May 2012

When We Were Six.....

When I was a little girl in the 1960's, as all children, when I heard the ice cream van playing its tune, I would asked my Mother if I could perhaps have one. Sometimes my luck was in! but to this day I can remember she would only let me buy one if it was the Wall's van. So I would have to watch the Mr Whippy ice cream van come and go, and wait hoping the Wall's van would come. Mr Whippy's tune was so much prettier and I longed to try their ice cream, it looked so much nicer all whipped up on top of the cone, instead of a do it yourself job, as the Wall's ice cream had to be unwrapped and slotted into the cone, still Mother knows best ( I think the ice cream must have been made properly )
This is what I longed for...
At least I didn't end up with one of these... Carrots on Sticks!
Then there was the Bakers Van...he also sold penny sweets!!
My favourite Rainbow Drops...
Pear Drops.....
Milk Bottles......
I was not allowed Black Jacks as they made my tongue black ( Mother knows Best!!! ) All pictures from Google Images

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Granny squares for Lette *~*

I picked up my crochet hook and made little Lette (my 7 month old granddaughter) a pram blanket I must admit I have not crochet anything for years, it's not perfect but it is made with love.
Pippa (my daughter) and Lette loved it, I was very pleased.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Update on the Garden Room *~*

The walls and ceiling are painted, now for the interior. We were left an industrial work bench by the previous owners, so I have asked Fin if he could make a dresser top for it! I have bought some pretty curtains from a charity shop, to cover the base, we bought a small 'charity' bookcase which I have painted, and we have an small Ikea wooden table (from the shed in Cornwall) so I am making a table cloth from an old double duvet cover
Love him he just gets on with it...
I was helping with the painting....
Sewing the table cloth and altering the curtains, it's all coming together!