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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sewing Dolls While the Snow Blows in *~*

As with many parts of the country the snow blew in yesterday here in the Moorlands (on top of what we accumulated on Monday)

The pots wearing snow hats...

Maisie my tabby cat being very brave..

She is real character and bosses her sister around all the time ..but really loves her

Fin and Pippa built a handsome Snowman...It was a bit chilly for me so I stayed indoors

I sat sewing watching the flakes fluttering down ...

And first Maude appeared...

and then Freya..

with a hint of lavender...

It's time for a lovely hot drink now perhaps with a tot of something exciting in it..Thea xx

Thank you so much for sweet words on my last post ..I felt very touched x


  1. Hi Theav- thanks for your kind words. Your little dolls are so pretty and they all have their own little characters. Enjoy you afternoon. I was going to go for a walk but seem to have become glued to the coal fire! xxx

  2. Dolls are delightful, but I am totally in love with your dresser! It is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I think you have the right idea Thea! Definitely better to be in keeping warm.The flu over the last week has left my eyes really sore and slightly out of focus so I cant concentrate on much for long which means sewing and crochet etc is out for the moment.I love your beautiful dolls, are they your own design or a Tilda pattern? And do you use Tilda hair wool or any 'curly' type wool? Sorry for being nosy just love them anyway and I'd love to make a couple for my granddaughter's bedroom when I get round to doing it hopefully in the summer.X

    1. Hello Anne
      For these two dolls and I have changed the Tilda pattern and added my own slant I do not use Tilda hair, I have always used different wools (stringy and wavy) that I have picked up in C shops
      Hope you feel better soon
      Thea x

  4. How sweet are Maude and Freya..
    You really make those little dolls look so lovely.
    Your cats are cute Thea.
    I was wondering, when someone would show a snowman.. great one there..
    happy sewing.

  5. Thea your dollies are beautiful you are so clever.Keep warm my friend and make some more.Love Jill xxx

  6. Your dolls are lovely!

    Have a very nice sunday!


  7. Maud and Freya look lovely Thea! We are having a big pack of snow in Holland as well. It looks magical!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  8. Beautiful dolls Thea, I love the name Maude as it was my Gandma's name. We have still had no snow, I'm glad to say, even though it looks very lovely, but it's bitterly cold!

    Stay warm, lovely, and enjoy the rest of your weekend

    Claire xxx

  9. Love Maisie in the snow. Your dolls are beautiful - do you ever make them to sell as I would love to buy one. Enjoy your Sunday and keep cosy. Karen xx

    1. Hello Karen
      Thank you for your kind words
      I have had quite a few people ask me about the perhaps I should think about an Esty this space
      Warm Wishes
      Thea x

  10. There are lovely! Lots of snow here, and more for later, just when we have a party to go to!!! :) x

  11. Hi,lovely, Thea, No snow for us here in the North West.... So I have enjoyed your snowy post.
    ~ My Nanna was called Maude, she was lovely and cuddly, so I love that vintage name.... But I also love Freya and her pretty pinafore dress and very pretty corn flower blue blouse ( I would wear this) ~ Honestly! Keep warm and snug, Thea and have a Sunday full of loveliness!
    Love Maria x
    Ps I also wanted to add from your earlier post, What a hansom young man, your boy is!!

  12. Oooh! I love your dolls, they are beauties! A lot of snow is fallen over there. They expect some snow here too. (actually the biggest part of the Netherlands has had snow but not in the north of the country, where I live). Your kids had build a beautiful snowman.

    xx Margriet

  13. I'm rather housebound due to the snow here (Herefordshire), so I'm blog-browsing and just found you. Love your dolls, esp Freya. I was going to ask if you sell them but I see someone else has. I shall keep a look out on Etsy - they're great! Enjoy what's left of the weekend! Abby x

  14. Both Maud and Freya are so simply delicate and pretty - perfect!
    Best thing to do when its snowy outside - i have to keep braving the slippery lanes here for the school run so it takes the edge off it all - wish i could just hole up and sew and not have to go out!
    Happy sewing Thea!
    Gill xx


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