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Monday, 14 January 2013

The Snow Fell Gently*~*

Woke up to the first snows of the year here in the Moorlands...

The trees look so pretty dressed in white..

So magical....

I am so glad we filled up the bird feeders yesterday...

After I took these photos this morning we had another heavy fall...

I like to see the snow but I hope it does not stay too long...

Poor little car...

A little ray of sunshine..
 Thea x


  1. It looks so magical, you told me it was on it's way! We don't have any down here yet. Hope you are enjoying looking it while sitting by the fire.
    Sarah x

  2. Hello Thea,
    Sorry I haven't dropped by your blog for such a long time. I felt so sorry for the birds out in the cold in the garden today.
    Love your bunch of daffodils.
    Essie x

  3. So lovely to see your photos of the first snow fall.
    When its all white and fresh its like a fairyland.
    Like your new header and side bar photos Thea.
    val x

  4. We had a heavy fall of snow all afternoon but now it's gone "slushy", Lucey x

  5. Lots here too, though also hoping it doesn't last too long. I'm sure the birds were very grateful for the food :)

  6. Hello, Thea, just catching up with you!
    Beautiful pictures and so very magical *****
    We had the first snows also yesterday, it was lovely to be home and stay warm!
    I am so happy you remembered the wild birds, with feeders...
    Brrrr, keep cosy, dear friend.
    Love Maria x

  7. Keep cosy, Thea. We have only had a little but my boys are longing for more. I filled the house with food, logs and cat litter today so I am ready. Better in January than March. Karen x

  8. I love fresh fallen snow!
    Here minus 25.
    A little bit to cold for me!
    I'm going to put some wood on the fire!

    Kisses and keep warm!


  9. hello that looks very snowy and white looks very pretty next week we get the snow in the netherlands were I life we have a lot of cold frost and ice here but not a lot of snow but who knows next week ? may be luckly its warm and cosy inside youre homes greethings leon10

  10. Brrr, your pictures are making me feel very chilly Thea! I'm thankful that we haven't had snow on my little island ... I'm like you, I don't like it to hang around, however beautiful it is. Lovely pictures, you've really captured the enchantment and the stillness of the stmosphere. Love the daffodils!

    Stay safe and warm,

    Claire xxx

  11. Looking pretty....but soooo cold! :) x

  12. Dear Thea,
    Love the photos - the snow fell here but had turned to slush by the time I got my camera out - so no photos for me. It is promising more and the gritters were out on the way home from work. Like you I like to see the snow but don't enjoy travelling in it or when it turns to ice.

  13. Beautiful snowy pictures, and I loved the bright daffodils in the last photo. We have had hail, sleet and very cold temperatures here but no it is nice to see pictures like yours!
    Have a happy week, Thea, and keep cosy!
    Helen x


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