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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A New Woodland Keeper***

I have spent my last  few days looking after my youngest son (post op spoiling) sewing on my trustee sewing machine" Cecily" and kind of perfect day...

Nothing fancy just a good old fashioned " Vicky" sponge...

Then I thought I would make another "Woodland Keeper"...

I decided she should wear blue floral's...

She is a special friend of the woodland birds....

She has a tiny note book in her raffia bag...

Woollen braids....

Meet  "Periwinkle" ...I shall be popping her in my Etsy shop later
Thea x


  1. Very lovely Thea! Yours dolls are beautiful ...

    Hope your son is feeling better ... but I'm sure he's enjoying being spoilt at home by his lovely Mum.

    Have a happy day!

    Love, Claire xxx

  2. She is adorable too Thea....I hope she makes a little girl very happy.
    Get well soon to your son.
    Jacquie x

  3. Hello Periwinkle, she's gorgeous, is there some bird seed in her bag too? Hope your son is recovering well :) xx

  4. Sweet little doll. My, that cake looks good ... I could eat a piece right now!
    Hope you son is recuperating well.

  5. hello thea love these dolls you made love there names also periwinkle she is so lovely but the other doll with the lovely story from your aunt is pretty too and youre sponge looks yummy pretty
    like the wood photo looking forward to see the next woodlandkeeper have a lovely day greetings leon10

  6. Periwinkle is beautiful x
    I hope your son feels better very soon
    love jooles xxx

  7. Periwinkle is deeelightful!! Love the little raffia bag and birdwatching notebook :) It's the details that define us all. Wendy

  8. She is very beautiful!!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  9. Awww What a lovely name! She really suits this...I too love her little raffia bag. she is so special, Thea! Ooh I hope your boy is feeling more like him self soon! He is in the best place, with Mum! ~ Can I join you for tea and cake...Looks deli sous..We have just made plans to visit our Dean in Birmingham in March... Can't wait to see him. Mothers and sons eh!!! tehe... With kind thoughts...Maria x

  10. She is beautiful.You have a very creative mind Thea and some fabulous ideas. Sounds as if you have been enjoying spoiling your son, what else are mums here for? Hope he is on the mend soon.XX

  11. I love that Periwinkle is a friend of the woodland birds. Your attention to detail is wonderful - I want to read the little book! However I do also want to eat that delicious cake - I feel some baking coming on ..... x Jane

  12. Hi Thea
    Oh you have brought back so many wonderful childhood memories with your Woodland Keeper post. When we were children - I am 1 of 6 - we had a woodland at the bottom of our garden. We would spend hours making fairy houses etc When we were at school mum would nip down the garden and leave little notes in the house. I can still feel the excitement! I love your little doll. I am hoping to get round to setting up my own blog and then I can share some of my dolls - I make Tilda dolls too. My profile picture of Martha my latest creation - hope you like her. Sorry there has been a big gap between my last comment - I am going to put time aside for replying to my favourite blogs - you of course being one of them!

    Take care



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