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Friday, 8 February 2013

A Strange Week that turned out Fine * ~*

Well what a strange week it has been here .... Fin and I had a shock last weekend as our bank account had been hacked into and cleared out.. ouch !!  the bank has been very good and sorted out our funds now.. but it is very scary to know someone can do this so easily...

Flowers from Fin to cheer the mood ...

Then we have had a worrying week over my youngest little man who has had to have an operation ..who is now fine but very sore ( and so very brave) he has been staying with us and recovering well..

So today after doing the food shopping I went for a wander around the Charity shop just to relax and I found ...

Six  fluted creamware cups and saucers..
a wire work cake stand...

A Peter Rabbit biscuit tin..

And lastly a few pretty floral cups, saucers and tea plates..Thank you so much for all your sweet words for my last post ..Thea x


  1. Glad it all turned out ok. Life can be hard enough without these unforeseen things being thrown at us. I would have done the same, brought home some new treasures. Love the biscuit tin. What a wonderful find. Hugs, Deb

  2. Goodness, poor you re the bank account - good that your bank sorted it. Love the creamware cups and saucers! x

  3. Well lets hope thats all the horrible stuff out of the way! You have been very lucky with your finds this week. Funnily enough I have the same wirework stand - it has some chocolate brownies on it at the moment. Hope you have a peaceful weekend. Karen xx

  4. Hello, Thea.
    Why do these things happen to the nicest people, I wonder? and the worry of your young man along side this also! Best place to be....(home with Mum) while recuperating! hehe. I remember having my bag stolen at work and the worry and confusion this caused was bad enough, my friend...Glad you took time out to browse those shops and find that treasure....The Beatrice Potter biscuit tin is lovely! Sending kind thoughts....and a few 'Twinkles' ***** love Maria x

  5. oh god thats scary but lovely that youre bank is helping a lot
    to make things as it seems to be again lovely that youre youngest son is recovering very well bank accounts are very inportend but health also lovely finds you found at the chairty shop like de biscuit tin of peter rabbit!
    greetings leon10

  6. Gosh, what a week! Glad everything was sorted for you! :) x

  7. Dear Thea,
    What an awful shock that was.. It seems not even our money is safe anymore.. thats terrible.. You are lucky that the bank sorted it for you..
    Hope your son is recovering well.. I am sure he liked mum to spoil him.!
    You are so lucky to find such super bargains at the charity shops.. I love the cups and the cake rack..
    wishing you a happy weekend.
    take care
    val xx

  8. Oh glad the bank sorted it out Thea, what a worry! Glad your son's ok too ...

    On a brighter note, you had ls of lovely finds in the charity shops, I love the fluted cups and saucers, thinking how nice they'd be full if mini daffodils!

    Have a wonderful, stress-free weekend, Thea, you truly deserve it!

    Love Claire xxx

  9. Hi Thea. That is very worrying isnt it? I must admit I would just go to pieces if that had happened to us.You are obviously very together and didnt panic as I would have! And your son being poorly too, well at least you get to spend some time pampering him!
    Gorgeous finds too!

  10. You have had a lot to deal with this week Thea but you seem to have come out at the weekend with a good day buying all your lovely china.Hope your son recovers fast Im sure with his mum spoiling him he will.I love your dollies you have made they are so sweet look forward to seeing some more.Take care love Jill xx

  11. It must have been a terrible week for you and Fin!!
    I am so happy it turned out well!!
    You have found some lovely things at the Charity shop!
    I wish you a very nice Sunday and a very good week!!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  12. Hello Thea,
    Sometimes it seems that the odds are stacked against us.
    Hope your son is recovering well, I'm sure he is with you looking after him!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post.
    Take care, Essie x

  13. That sounds very traumatic. I'm glad you found some therapy in the charity shops, works for me every time.
    Best wishes.

  14. Gosh, that's a week and a half! Those cream fluted cups and saucers are beautiful.


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