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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Woodland Keepers*~*

When I was a little girl back in 60s ( yes an age ago)  I was given a rag doll by my Auntie Phyllis. Now Auntie P was a typical 60s "girl" she lived in lovely world ..painting still life ..growing strange plants in her lean-to greenhouse ..riding about on her bicycle whilst wearing her leather thong sandals and always had flowers in her hair, she also had a strange smell about her a bit of joss sticks mixed in with patchouli oil.

Well, back to the doll..she had a pretty floral dress brown wool hair and buttons for eyes, very homemade..
but I thought she was perfect... I named her Beechnut

Living in Kent I spent most of my days playing outside..and the best times were in our local woods.
I loved everything  about the woods the smells, watching out for squirrels, listening to the birds singing out sweet songs collecting acorns,pressing leaves.........

And of course I always had hold of my new doll Beechnut

I used to imagine how she lived in the trees and sat talking to the birds...She became a little tatty and grubby but I loved her...
Then one day after a day of woodland magic I arrived home, had tea and a bath, then I looked for Beechnut ..I had left her in the woods!

My Mother was not particularly interested as she did not care much for Auntie Phyllis and her ways and just said we will look for her next time we visit the woods...
I was so upset..the next day I went straight to Auntie P's house she lived at No1, we lived No9.

Auntie P put on her sandals took my hand and we walked up the lane to the woods...we looked everywhere but she had gone..She will be with her friends Auntie P explained she will be busy looking after the woods..a Woodland keeper ?

I never forgot Beechnut and still thought I might find her but alas I never did..Auntie P said she would make me another but that never happened ...So now I have the chance to make my own..

She is sitting in my woodland garden and thinking of new friends to help her look after the plants and trees.. a little circle of friends ..the Woodland keepers

I dedicate this post to my inspiring Auntie Phyl who always wore a smile and had a twinkle in her eye , she taught me more than she will ever know

Thea x ...(Thank you all for your kind wishes and words on my Etsy shop)


  1. I bet Beechnut went to live with another little girl who thought it was her lucky day when she found her! You obviously have inherited your aunties creative gene, she's adorable! :) x

  2. Hello Thea I love hand made fabric dolls and yours is so sweet...and of course I loved reading the wonderful story of Beechnut. Good luck with your etsy make such lovely things I am sure it will do really well.
    Have a happy week!
    Helen x

  3. Oh I did enjoy reading about Beechnut, special story. So glad you get to make, and share your own woodland keepers now :) xx

  4. Oh Thea,
    I loved this story so. First of all, I am a child of the 60's too, and I have an Aunt Phyllis who is my very favorite aunt. She is the only sister living on my mom's side. Beechnut is sooo sweet. I love rag dolls very much, and Nel had a rag doll when she was a little girl, and still has her to this day. We lost the original doll she had, and my mom made her one exactly like it. So you can see how this story touched my heart.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. What a lovely story! Your Aunt sounds like a real character.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Ma che bel blog!Ti ho trovato da Vanessa e adesso ti seguo!Baci,Rosetta

  7. I too was a little girl in the 60's Thea, and your Aunty Phyl sounds really cool! I love that you've made a new Beechnut and that after all these years you never forgot the first one. Your doll is a lovely tribute to a lovely lady and I'm sure she is very proud of you ...
    Love Claire xxx

  8. lovely surprise for you on my :)

  9. ~ Thea, You have brought Beech nut to life once again, my friend. what a beautiful story.....I loved the sound of your dear Aunt too.( I love people that wear a smile always)Ooh those enchanted woods with their sights, smells and sounds.... I am going to read through again because I love this post and Beech nut of course! Thanks for sweet words always...I hope the sun is shining on your Tuesday, my friend! love Maria x

  10. What a sad story!
    Poor you!
    But your new doll is so lovely!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  11. Such a wonderful story , beautifully told. I love the way you just gave us glimpses of Beechnut through the leaves to add suspense . She is gorgeous.
    Jacquie x

  12. How sad about your doll. I remember playing shop and placing all my wonderful (!) plastc bangles on our front wall. My mum called me in for tea and when I returned they were gone! Love your new "Beechnut".

  13. A lovely story Thea, very touching. I remember someone taking my toy panda away from me when I was about seven and I never got it back. I was devastated.I really love your Beechnut dolly.

  14. I think Auntie Phyllis sounds rather lovely but its sad you never found your doll. My Mother used to make wonderful rag dolls and sell quite a few but we don't have any now which is such a shame. I love the way you have done Beechnut's hair. Karen x

  15. Next you're going to have to make some dolls called "The Storytellers"! What a wonderful story about Beechnut (lovely name). Wasn't your Aunt P marvelous for taking you back to the woods as soon as she heard your plight. I'm glad she told you Beechnut was taking care of the woods, rather than saying someone made off with her ... the story may not have stayed with you the same. And were the 60s really an age ago?! It seems like yesterday ;) Your own rendition of the doll is so charming in her pretty print dress. She looks very serene and thoughtful. Wendy

  16. What a lovely story and a lovely name for your doll , I'm glad it has a happy ending with you recreating her. I hope your grand daughter won't play with her and loose her too!
    Sarah x


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