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Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Few Special Things *~*

As I have had a bit of a change round in my bedroom, I thought I would show you a few special things....

This eucalyptus wreath is from my florist days, I have re-sprayed it, then weathered it to soften the colours ....

A new little friend..Rosehip

I crocheted her a shoulder bag from raffia.....

I have hung this old fire screen up...It has long lost its stand, It came from my Grandpa's house

So much work has gone into making it.....

While I was clearing out cupboards I found my Grandma's opera glasses...

I wonder what they have seen...

She lived in London most of her life and enjoyed the theatre sadly I never met her...

Lastly a very precious little item....

A little handmade night dress, made for me by my my birth Mother...

I have two, they are very special...

I hope you have enjoyed my special things...Thea xx


  1. Thank you for sharing your special things, it felt like a privileged peep into your room, sigh,,, such a pretty space :) xx

  2. Hi Thea. I haven't seen you in so long. I will try to do better but sometimes it's hard to get around to everyone. The firescreen is a work of art, your grandmother's opera glasses are so special. Yes, I wonder what beautiful sights they have seen and the little gown is the most special of all. I bet you feel that way too..Hope all is well and Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Love what you have done with the fire screen and your little nightie is exquisite.

  4. Oh Thea, such prettiness, my dear! The whole space looks calm and serene, a wonderful place for relaxing amongst your special treasures.

    The wreath is beautiful, and looks perfect on the wall, Rosehip looks very at home in there too!

    How special to have those opera glasses, I just love things like that ... and the nightie is adorable, and a lovely reminder of childhood.

    Have a wonderful weekend Thea,

    Love Claire xx

  5. Love that little dress, and the work in that fire screen is exquisite! :) x

  6. Your bedroom looks very lovely!!
    Have a very nice weekend!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  7. pretty things from youre fammily past like the pretty fire srceen lovely colors and handmade and a lot of work very pretty the night dress is beautful and very special too you rosehip is a very pretty fairy woodlandkeeper girl like her dress very pretty have a lovely day leon10

  8. Lovely, Thea....thank you for sharing these beautiful 'special treasures' with us all....Your very precious nightie, made for you by the hands of your birth Mum...Treasure indeed... ~Little pretty, Rosehip, made by your own very special hands too...~ I can always see the Florist in you, in your posts, my friend!~ with 'Twinkles' and kind thoughts....Maria x

  9. Beautiful items. The wreath is lovely - I love its muted colours.

  10. Oh what pretty things,Rosehip is lovely she looks as if she is going to tell a story,lol.Pretty little

  11. Such sweet things! the night dress is darling.

  12. You have some gorgeous special things Thea. I love it that you have kept the night dress, so special and those are the types of things money cant buy, so precious.Your home is full of lovely things!

  13. That little night dress is so cute.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  14. Your bedroom is such a beautiful and elegant space. I love all the little treasures you have set around, but the fire screen and the handmade nightie are the best! Such a gentle way to remember loved ones. I also like the wreath, the colours fitting in so well with all that's in your room. Thanks for sharing this special place :) Wendy

  15. Dear Thea,

    Your bedroom looks very pretty. I like the embroidered fire screen and the beautiful pink dress. The opera glasses made me smile. I see images of men with top hats and ladies with beautiful evening gowns listening to Tosca or La Traviata :-)

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  16. Hi Thea, just wanted to say thank you for your sweet comments on my post. I appreciate it so much.Happy Monday..Judy

  17. Thea, I loved seeing all your special things it's nice to have things out on display so that you can appreciate them. Those nigh dresses are extra special too.
    Sarah x


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