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Friday, 24 May 2013

Come for a walk in the Bluebell Woods *~*

 Last night Mr Moon peeped out of the clouds just long enough for me to catch him...

He looked  so very magical...

 So today I thought I would take a walk to the woods to see if the Bluebells were out...

It was blustery, cold and wet, but Fin and I wrapped up and off we went...The woods are only 5mins away

 We passed a Dandelion bank....such a cheery sight on a dull day

Said.." hello" to Mrs Squirrel, then walked on...

Said..."hello to Mr Duck, then walked on...(he was sat right in the middle of the path)

Then the Bluebells started to appear...

 More and more.....

Their beautiful scent surrounded us..

So magical I could have stayed there all day....

 Back home now... A few days ago while taking a walk around the garden, I discovered this dear little nest, it was upside down on the path at the back, where the Privet hedge grows...

We have a naughty Magpie who visits, and persistently raids the little birds nest...I know its nature but it is still very sad to see...

So beautifully made....such a lot of work goes into making them
Tiny and perfect....I wonder who made it?

Keep a twinkle in your pocket my friends
Thea xx


  1. Thanks for taking us on your bluebell walk, Thea, I just love the colour of this flower en masse!

    I hope there weren't any eggs in the nest ...

    Have a wonderful weekend, won't you?

    Love Claire xx

  2. Lovely pictures but those ones of the moon are special. Poor little nest - lets just hope it was an old one x Jane

  3. Beautiful bluebell, yes very cold and blustery....I'm just wondering when Summer will start! :) x

  4. I love the bluebell woods, yours are so pretty and the dandelion bank is a ray of sunshine in these dull days we've been having. Hope your weekend is full of sparkle ... Sarah x

  5. Beautiful. Post Thea,lovely bluebell woods
    We ve naughty magpies too :(
    Happy bankholiday lovely xxxx

  6. Such lovely photo's Thea!
    Your nature looks al lot better than over here, at the moment!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  7. Hello Thea.
    I have been absent.. but am catching up slowly..
    What a delightful post this is.
    You had a lovely walk together..
    The bluebells in the woods, look like fairy land.
    great photo of the moon.
    Some sweet bird has taken a lot of trouble to make that lovely nest.
    Happy weekend.
    val x

  8. ~ I knew you would be walking under the full milk moon of May, dear Thea....Magical **** as are the Bluebells in, blue bell woods...They take your breath away....~ Magpies can be pesky birds!! ~ Happy Bank holiday, I do hope the sun shines for YOU! ~ Love Maria x

  9. Hi Thea,

    What a beautiful post....I love bluebells too and posted about some we had seen whilst walking on Saturday!! I love your pretty photographs.

    Hope you had a lovely bank holiday :)

    Love Caroline xx

  10. The nest is beautiful. I hope the birds have gone on to make another one, it does seem harsh but as you say, it's nature.
    Loved your bluebell woods, too. The fragrance always amazes me, it's so lovely.

  11. What a beautiful walk through the bluebell woods, it is just breathtaking to be surrounded by so much blue.
    How sad and what a perfect little nest
    love jooles xxx

  12. What a lovely walk, the blue bell haze is just amazing, just what we need to wash away the Winter Greys.
    Love your photos of Mr Moon gazing down xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  13. I too love bluebells and how lucky to see a nest at such close quarters.

  14. You've captured the moon so well. I often try to photograph it but never have much luck. Instead I enjoy a peep through my son's telescope. :) Love the bluebell pics and bird nest too. xx

  15. I love, love, love the first photo of the moon, so atmospheric. As you know from my post I've had the glory of bluebells aswell and it's hard to leave them to go home, you just want to stand or sit and look and them! What a shame about the birds nest, they truly are works of art. I've seen crows raiding the pigeons nest in the tree opposite me and it's quite sad to see them flying off with the eggs in their beaks! As you say, it's nature, but....xx

  16. I loved taking your walk to the bluebell wood so many wonderful things to see along the way,I can almost smell the bluebells too! We saw a red moon as we went to bed the other evening.
    Sarah x


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