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Friday, 17 May 2013

Making a Tree Wreath *~*

I saw a tree wreath in the Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine so I thought I would make one for my tree

I had made my ring last year, by twisting long whips of ivy ...

I found a remnant of white cotton cloth and tore it into strips.....

( a few flowers picked from the garden)

Tied the strips of cloth onto the ring...

I could have hung some cones on it as suggested by the magazine...

But decided to tie on Hellebore seed heads for a spring look...

There. I love my Hornbeam tree, and I am sure he loves his wreath...
Folklore called the Hornbeam the immortal tree, so I hope he is.

I shall just add a picture of Maisie sitting by the bluebells..

As you can imagine she loved making the wreath with me,  I had to give her a streamer to play with and now she is worn out ...bless

Inside now for a nice cup of tea and to read the rest of my lovely magazine
 Thea xx


  1. ~ Ahh lovely to see Maisie, here, Thea! Mine are very much doing the same...Snoozing in the sunshine!! What a life ( I am coming back as a kittie in my next life) hehe! LOVE the tree wreath, so pretty! I am wondering are your pictures taken with your new camera!... they are very lovely, indeed!~ Happy Friday to you lovely Thea...~ Hugs Maria x LOVE the tree folk lore too!

  2. Your tree wreath is very lovely!
    Your cat is so sweet!
    I wish you a very nice weekend!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  3. There is something ethereal about your wreath. I love it

  4. What a fabulous idea and it looks so very pretty. Cats have such a hard life!
    love jooles xxx

  5. Que postagem linda, Thea...

    Maisie é maravilhosa!!


    Lígia e =^^=

  6. That's really beautiful, it looks quite mystical in the tree. I also love the look of the magazine....

  7. Its a lovely idea Thea! I can well imagine Maisie was worn out by playing with your streamers, she looks so comfy on the chair.Marmalade has been out in the sunshine today nibbling on her catmint!

  8. Hello Lovely! Thank you for popping over to me Thea, and for leaving your kind comments ...

    I love, love, LOVE the tree wreath, what a gorgeous idea! Your pictures are so pretty and Maisie looks very comfortable ... I agree with Maria, our animals have lovely lives ... a cat's life is almost as good as a dogs!

    Enjoy your week

    Claire xxx

  9. Your wreath looks lovely Thea! Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  10. Wonderful idea Thea and it seems to fit in so well with spring. It also brings to mind the tradition of tying ribbons on trees. I'm not quite sure where that tradition came from or why. I just have a feeling it is Celtic or similar. It is lovely all the same.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Hello Amanda
      Yes I do know what you mean they are called "Clouties"
      I did think the same when I saw the wreath in the Magazine
      Thank you for your kind words
      Thea x


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