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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sowing the Seeds of Love *~*

May Day Blessings....

A few weeks ago I did a bit of seed sowing...

I used the window end of our garage as a 'greenhouse'....

and the seeds are growing....

The cuttings are taking...

Now all we need is the weather to settle down....

  A walk round the garden 

My little bee house....hellebore ( Moonlight)

Pulmonaria (Blue Ensign)

A lovely furry Bumble Bee collecting nectar

I am so glad she survived  the cold ....

My rose the Generous Gardener... looks just fine.....

 The twisted branches of the hornbeam.....

The buds are coming but way behind this year....

 Brunnera...... Jack Frost

Back indoors for tea...

Hope you all had a lovely May Day

Thea xx


  1. A lovely May day post of your garden flowers Thea.
    I see from some of the other blogger friends..that the weather in uk has not been too good. My daughter in Switzerland told me this morning that it hail stoned.
    I am pleased your plants have come through.
    I always like to see your header Thea.. its so attractive and homely
    happy week

  2. What a lovely garden, adore those flowers. And Bees! It has been so cold we only have a few about at the moment. How wonderful to grow things from seeds, so few do today. Minerva x

  3. What beautiful pictures Thea ... ain't Mother Nature wonderful? Happy May Day to you too ... love your hair!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Your garden is looking about the same as mine just starting to come to life lots of green with just a bit of colour coming,hopefully now it is may we are going to get more sunshine.Blessings for Beltane for you Thea .Love Jill xx

  5. ~ Happy 1st May, lovely Thea...~ My favourite month...~ Spring time has been a long time coming my friend, but looking through your pretty garden...I can see she is showing her sweet head...LOVE the blossoms in your hair...~ On my little forecourt 'Lily of the valley' is pushing through once more (my favourite )and I was able to sit out for the first time it seems for ages.........~ My baby Lamb didn't make it, Thea, so we have been sad here... ~ another lesson in just how fragile life can be.. soo many little lambs lost this bitterly cold spring time. He did know kindness for those short days though.... I am leaving you with a smile :) my friend...~ Take time to dream...Love Maria x

    1. Oh Maria I am sorry, but you are right mother nature knows best..and he did know such kindness..
      at least it does seem to be warmer at last, I think all nature has suffered with the relentless cold
      You made me smile talking about Lilly of the valley, it is very special to me too, but alas I do not have any in this garden
      Sunny wishes my friend
      Thea x

  6. Such a pretty garden, I really do need to get in mine! :) x

  7. Your garden looks amazing ... and it must be so satisfying seeing all your little sprouts doing well! Enjoy the gardening (I think England's gardening is just a bit ahead of ours). Wendy :)

  8. Your pictures of your spring garden are lovely and contain some of my favourite plants that I have in my garden too. You have just reminded me that I need to pot on some seeds this evening too!
    Sarah x

  9. One of my most favourite songs (I've just bought the album on vinyl!) but you do know I'm going to have it in my head all night now.

    It's so exciting to see all the little seedlings popping up,

    Nina x

  10. Enjoyed the visit to your garden Thea and you have some of the plants I have in my garden too! My seeds are coming along nicely especially the veg seeds I sowed a couple of weeks back. I am looking forward to them cropping and being able to pick them fresh from our garden when we want to eat them. I have some pumpkin plants too which I am hoping will produce pumpkins for my granddaughter at Halloween!

  11. Hello thea, thanks so much for finding and following my blog I've just followed right back. Your blog is so beautiful!! I'm off to the Bath and West flea market now but will be back later to have a proper look around. Barbara.

  12. Lovely photo's of your garden Thea! So much is happening! I see we have lots of similar flowers :-) The flower in your hair looks beautiful!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  13. Hello Thea
    Lovely,lovely garden, thoroughly adore this post can almost hear the humming of the bee as it goes from flower to flower. Its also a good reminder I need to get out on my balcony and sort out my posts. I have to move some of the posts into the shade for when the sun here starts getting too hot for them.
    Lovely May day blossom in your hair :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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