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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Beautiful Sunday *~*

We went for a lovely local countryside walk...

The wayside is full of wonderful flowers..As we made our way home up the narrow lane...

a beautiful hare ran across our he ran up the bank he looked  right  back at us
we could see his bright piercing eyes  very special
 ( I wish I could say I had taken this photo, but he was too quick for me)

After lunch we visited the garden shop, and Fin bought me a surprise an "Apple Tree" I thought we were buying compost!
I have longed to plant an apple tree in my garden, as a little girl I grew up in Kent and we had five trees in our garden, I can remember sitting under them with the fairies, watching the blossom flutter down, like delicate confetti

I am so happy to now have my own,,we planted it together and I sung it a song...within seconds a honey bee  arrived to enjoy the open flowers

I have hung a small Green Man on it to help him grow...

A truly magical Sunday....
Thea xx

Hare photo sourced  from Google


  1. How lovely to have your own apple tree Thea. I loved how you sang it a song! I am sure the Green man will 'do his stuff' and you will have a lovely, healthy, abundant tree in years to come.XX

  2. I was just going to say how impressed I was at your hare photo! I am impressed with your garden though, very pretty! :) x

  3. What a lovely day Thea! How amazing to see a hare up close and personal like that ...

    The apple tree is really sweet, and hope the green man works his magic!

    Love Claire xx

  4. Sounds a wonderful way to spend a day and how lovely to see a hare.

    You will love having your own apple tree we have 4 and the blossom is so pretty, not to mention the tasty fruit.

    You have such a pretty garden. I would love a green man for my garden.. now I have a birthday later in the there's an idea ;o)
    Julie xx

  5. Oh Thea your garden looks beautiful - just the place an apple tree will thrive. We planted one last Autumn and I'm so excited about the prospect of it actually bearing fruit! As for the hare - absolutely magical - I haven't seen one in the wild for years x Jane

  6. What a beautiful walk and such a pretty garden. Loving the green man ... Sarah x

  7. How special to have seen the hare. Your garden looks gorgeous. There is something special about apple trees - the pretty blossom and then fruit too.

  8. Such beautiful photo's!
    I love your garden! And such a beautiful apple tree!
    We see lots of hares here to.

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  9. What a wonderful surprise in the apple tree! I love apple blossoms and my mother decorated our house with them for my sister's wedding. Your garden is AMAZING! You must show more photos of it. We don't have hares here (much further north), only the smaller cottontails. We once had a rabbit fly past right in front of us on a walk ... he was in the clutches of a large owl! No photo of that either ;) Wendy

  10. How pretty your garden looks Thea! Wish I could pop over and have a look at it myself :-)

    What a sweet gift from your husband!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  11. What a lovely way of spending a Sunday and so special seeing a hare. Your garden looks so pretty and I hope your apple tree will bring you great harvests in years to come.
    Sarah x

  12. I am for the first time on your blog and I enjoyed it so much. I am fond of the English country and the English lifestyle. Your header with the cupboard is so beautiful and also your garden. When I saw the hare I thought wow, but I see you did'nt photograph him yourself. We were in England in May and have seen hares dancing in the field, but I could not make a good picture either.

  13. What a lovely post. I love going on your walks with you! Hares are such beautiful creatures but I have only ever seen them in the Lake District as they seem to be much more elusive down here in the south. I love your pretty garden too and your new header. Karen xx

  14. Dear Thea, forgive me as I am sooo behind with my favourite lovely peeps and their stories told in pictures! But better late than never, here I am....A beautiful charming post, reminiscing in me memories of our, Apple trees and Cherry blossom trees of old...They are my most favourite! I am a thinking 'Mr green man' will be very much at home safe guarding your secret garden...Wishing you another beautiful Sunday for tomorrow...Do what makes your heart smile, lovely friend...Maria x

  15. Such pretty photos Thea, I love your green man he looks very much at home there. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Love Jill xx

  16. How lucky to have seen a Hare, I would love to see one. Your apple tree and green man are very special and your garden loks lovely! x

  17. Such a beautiful walk and so many wonderful smells to delight the senses...and soul.

    Nina x


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