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Monday, 10 June 2013

A bit of a flat Monday *~*

It has been a bit of a flat Monday...

I have had the day to myself after a busy few weeks...

I usually wear florals  but today I was a bit plain...

Monday is washday .... as well as housework  
Usually I love clutching my duster and getting stuck in...

But not today...I just felt I needed to be outside.....

I pick some flowers to prettify the house....

I placed a vase in the hallway...

I put one on the dresser....

Another on the kitchen table ....


Another in my bedroom....

I picked a few more for the lounge...

and a few more for the bathroom...

Now I am feeling brighter...

I have made a lovely mug of tea and treated myself to a malted milk bickie..(just one)

I shall do the cleaning tomorrow....
Thea xx


  1. The cleaning will always be still there tomorrow Thea, a nice day to pick flowers might to!

    They all look beautiful in your pretty house, and love your new header ... More flowery loveliness!

    Hope the sun keeps shining for you

    Love Claire xx

  2. I love the plain clothes, very stylish! The flowers are so pretty, I'm not surprised they cheered you up. x

  3. Lots of pretty flowers there Thea, they do cheer us up.Iv felt a bit flat today must be something in the water. Love Jill xx

  4. Thea, your flowers are absolutely beautiful.. they put a big smile on my face... thank you :o) xx

  5. Oh wow Thea....there is so much in bloom in your garden already. Wish I could come over and have a look. I may have said this before, but your garden looks so beautiful!

    The little posies and the bouquets you picked are so very pretty.

    Love your outfit and your cupboard full of florals. I think we are very much alike if it comes to gardens and summer dresses :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  6. I love having flowers in the house it always cheers things up. I'm jealous of your garden it's very pretty, I'd love to have a garden full of flowers to go and pick. Hope your Tuesday isn't flat xx

  7. I dont blame you for not wanting to spend the day inside Thea. I think when the weather is nice and sunny you have to make the most of it. Your garden is looking beautiful.You have an abundance of lovely flowers, I dont have many in bloom yet. Our ceanothus is stunning and one or two of the roses are out but we are decorating at the moment 3 rooms at one go and so I'm not really doing much in the garden.I doubt very much I would have enough flowers to cut for one vase let alone all those gorgeous vases you have.XX

  8. You picked so many flowers for the house, just lovely.

  9. Your flowers are so pretty - you definitely made the right choice after all lifes too short to worry about the dust. Hope you have a lovely week full of little pleasures. Karen xx

  10. Wow those flowers are beautiful! :) x

  11. ~ I had a day very similar, Thea...Pottering and puttering...Enjoying the weather...Oops didn't get many jobs done,either!! hehe...LOVED your pretty flowers and the fact you have taken time to smell the roses......Enjoy your tea in that pretty cup, my friend! and I do know we will meet up, one of these days...I have it on my wish list ***** ~ Hugs Maria x

  12. A house full of flowers, no one will notice the housework hasn't been done. It's nice to have a day to yourself to potter. Sarah x

  13. Housework can always wait ... and often does in our house! The flowers are gorgeous. M x

  14. Such lovely flowers Thea. I so enjoyed seeing the pretty jugs filled with flowers from your garden in the different rooms. Love all your floral dresses too......I wear dresses a lot too, and love summery floral ones.
    Helen x

  15. wow lovely wildflowers very pretty love them
    greetings leon10

  16. We have the whole winter to be inside!
    Much better to be in the garden and pick flowers!
    The weather is fine over here and we're having lots of fun outside!
    Beautiful flowers!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  17. Cutting flowers and arranging them all over the house sounds much better than housework to me! You have a beautiful home, made even better with the blooms ;) Wendy x

  18. Your house and garden are just beautiful. I love the shot of all the flowers on the table, it's lovely.

  19. Your flowers are lovely. I especially like the ones in the bathroom. There is just something so special about flowers in every room of the house.


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