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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hattie and the Madelines *~*( no it's not a band)

My Grandma Hattie married well,,, to  Grandpa Will who owned his own business and had high standards...

Harriet, Will and Great Grandpa...

Now, on their 1st Wedding a anniversary Will gave Hattie this book....

How sweet....

Surely he did not expect Hattie to produce these for dinner !!... Poor Hattie.


 Will had told her that he was partial to he obviously expected some for tea!!

Now I know that Harriet's family were from Devon and she had run her own business with her Mother before Will came on the scene ... so she was not going to like cooking, washing and cleaning very much...especially now they had a family...

 Grandpa Will, Grandma Hattie, William and Doris (my Mum) oh and Bobby the their London garden

 Willy and Mum... with toys of their day ( how vintage is that)

 So Harriet must have decided she needed to do something.. so  she employed Ruby ....who looked after the children and did all the cooking and cleaning, and most of all was a very good baker and made the most beautiful Madelines..
I remember them at afternoon tea when I was a little girl... Ruby was one of the kindest ladies

 So now Mum gets married to my lovely they are just married....

And I think Mum is thinking, I hope I make a good wife ....

And these are her cookery books...

And the big question is could she make the dainty Madelines !!

A page from Harriet's book...

Well my Mother married late in life, she had already had a career before she met my being the dutiful wife did not sit well with her... and of course now they had adopted me and my brother she had so much on her plate!
But Dad had a sweet tooth and adored a cake with his afternoon tea...

So Mum had to do something ...she employs a home help (how the other half live)... Mrs Rigsby, she was wonderful, she did the washing, ironing, cooking and guess what she could bake the most marvelous Madelines...She was very kind too, and used to play with us.

(Alas all changed after my Dad died and Mum had to let her go, but we still use to visit her. )

This is who I turned to when I was first married..she was my home help (just the book not Delia in person)....and now, well I just bake the best way I can.

They are not as dainty as the Madelines I remember from my childhood , more of a cupcake recipe..just weighed the eggs and then all the rest of the ingredient's weigh out the same... But I am sure Grandpa Will and my Dad would have tried one!

My Grandma Hatties's  cakestand china cups and saucers....

For Hattie who I never met but knew all about... and for Will who knew what he liked
( nothing wrong with that)

Fin bought me this book just after we were married.....You are joking... I should co-co!!

Afternoon tea is served....Thea xx


  1. Loved this post. Fun! I'd say you have mastered 'baking'.

  2. Aah, lovely story Thea and I think its wonderful you still have the old cookery books from the family. Your cakes look very good to me.XX

  3. What a lovely little story....I wonder what stories our children/grandchildren will say about us? I'll be the dotty grandma who used to do strange things with wallpaper! :) x

  4. Oh that is so sweet Thea and such lovely old photos. Im sure that your mum and grandma will be watching over you knowing you bake the best yummy cakes your hubby has ever had. Love Jill xx

  5. WOW what a super duper post, I really loved reading and seeing the amazing pictures of your Mum and uncle with the toys of their days....And hearing about Will and I guess for me hasn't played a big part in my family life...If I am honest, I am not a real foodie person! I own Sophie Dahl cook books and River side cottage, Ooh and Monties book too! But really for the vintage kitchen pictures.....hehe! I think my Mum was a pretty good cook, but I don't remember her baking ever! so perhaps that is why I am similar! thanks for sharing this lovely, lovely post, it has me thinking back now to days of old....With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  6. Ah, the little threads that tie families together ;) Love how you spin a yarn and come to the same end as your mother and grandmother ... baking madelines. You have some wonderful keepsakes in the photos of your family and the cookbooks. I have some of my mother's family's old cookbooks, but they're so old I have no clue as to what they mean! Wendy x

  7. I loved reading this interesting post! Lovely for you to have those old photos and books. Your mum was beautiful! You definitely have mastered baking! (hattie and the Madelines would be a good name for a band!) x

  8. Dear Thea
    What a lovely story. My mum has a very old family cookery book too and her favourite book - the Be-Ro book! The rich coconut tartlets are a favourite with me.
    I hope you enjoyed your madeleines!
    Best wishes

  9. Oh Thea I loved this post - the lovely family photos and the old cookery books and some family history too. I find it fascinating how food preferences change over the generations. I have my Mothers and Mother in laws cookery books and they are some of my most treasured possessions.
    Sarah x

  10. Thea what a delightful post, so lovely to meet the ancestors and here of the madelines, all those independent ladies who employed "help" ... so lovely :) ~ Sarah x

  11. what a great post Thea,it made very interesting reading. I love looking at old photos and those photos are brilliant,the old pram,toys and your family...wonderful!. All this reminds me of my grandparents ,staying with them in Devon when I was a child. Mother gave us girls bits from grandma's estate when she passed away. I am not much of a cook so the Mrs Beeton cook book was given to my sister who took it to Australia with her. I was given the old Embroidery book which suited me very well. Its one of my most treasured possessions.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  12. oh thats a lovely familly history story and very pretty too lovely old black and white photos love the old vintage cookery book of miss beeton ist a real gem have a lovely day leon10

  13. Loved reading this Thea, I feel a bit nostalgic and teary now! I have my Great Aunt's cookery books and utensils - she was one of those 'home-helps/lady who did' for a big house in Lancashire and was a fab cook too. Sally x

  14. My dh has a very soft spot for Delia too and has even gone online and copied some of her recipes for me to follow! the cheek of the man - but you know what they say, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach - nothings changed over the generations! lol!

  15. A great post. I liked reading it. My grandmother was a cook who married the houseowner's son - now that was a novel ide in those days. She was a fabulous cook wish that I could say the same about me:(

  16. Hello June
    I did smile when I read this, as Ruby went on to marry Will after Hattie died..and inherited his wealth, much to my Mother's families disgust..good old Ruby and all to lived below stairs!!
    Thea xx

  17. What a lovely story. I would love to have tea with you those cakes look delicious. Happy Sunday. Karen xx

  18. Such a sweet story. Your cakes look truly scrumptious - as is your blog! Barbara xx


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