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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Making Jam and a few Finds...

They apricots were on offer in the shops so I could not resist the chance to make some jam..

The house was quiet, Tilly was asleep in the garden....

Maisie was enjoying watching the bees.....

So I flung the french doors open and started cooking...

The jam is on the boil...

All potted up and ready....

With a little over so we can have a taste...

Stepping out the garden to water the pots...

Now here are a few finds, from the C shop...
Six pink glasses, just right for summer..

A pretty cake server...

A set of fluted dessert bowls...

An old dripping bowl...I love this it reminds me of my childhood..we always had a dripping bowl in the larder...

And lastly this pretty vintage crochet cloth...

Thank you all for spending the time to read my Blog, your comments are so very special

Thea xx


  1. lovely, what is dripping anyway....?

    1. Hello Claire
      I did have a little giggle when I read your question..I am really showing my age now! dripping was the fat and residue left in the pan after roasting meat(mainly beef) it was collected in a basin for using again, some people spread it on bread, my mum used it to roast potatoes in etc..
      Thea xx

  2. Mmn I can imagine some of that lovely jam on freshly buttered home made bread....I'm salivating already Thea!
    You always manage to find some lovely things in the charity shops. Those glasses are just perfect for summer days, imagine yourself sipping homemade elderflower cordial....Perfect!

  3. Ooh Thea, love making jam ... you've inspired me now! I haven't made any this year yet, will have a trim to the shops tomorrow to see what's on offer.

    Lots of lovely finds, those glasses will be lovely with rose lemonade or elderflower champagne ... And that crochet cloth! Divine ...

    Have a wonderful weekend Thea, and hope the sun shines for you

    Love Claire xx

  4. Yummy yummy apricot jam I love it,please can I have some.Love your little bowls from the charity shop and the glasses just right for cold drinks this summer.Thank you for the comments on my blog they are so special to me,the little oak tree in the pot is a acorn that Billy my eldest grandson planted about 4 yrs ago,he is so proud that it grew and we are keeping it for him until he is older and he can decide where he wants it to go,bless him.Hope you are well and make sure you send me some jam lol, love Jill xx

  5. Lovely post!
    I love your cats!
    And your finds are very beautiful!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  6. Oh Thea it all looks so beautiful. Well done on the apricot jam - I've never tried making that before but I do remember buying apricot and almond jam many years ago - who knows where from - and I haven't been able to find it since. Your finds are lovely - I especially like those glasses - very elegant. Hope you are managing to enjoy a lovely warm Sunday x Jane

    1. Hello Jane
      Your jam sounds yummy, I started having a go at making it a few years back and now I love making it..Thank you for your kind words
      Thea x

  7. Apricot jam is equal only to raspberry for delicious-ness. You have inspired me to make some. Lovely, elegant C-shop finds, too.

  8. Hello Thea.. I've finally got back into blogland.
    Mmmm your jam looks so yummy and your cats so cute! Well done on your finds you did do well. I used to love dripping on toast when I was growing up. :o)
    Julie x

  9. Thea, I have the same glasses only they are not so long stemmed as yours... I bought them in target about 35 yrs ago, and just lovel their pale blush colour!

  10. Hello, Thea...~ LOVE all your finds, but most especially the beautiful lace cloth and pink glasses.....I bet your jam tastes as wonderful as it looks too....(never made jam before) this is some thing I must try..i smiled at the dripping bowl, Ooh i remember this.....We used to keep the meat stocks from the roast and then have fried bread for breakfast....Ooh not very good for the diet, but soo delicious! ~ Have a lovely new week, Thea. I can hardly believe we have travelled together in blog land and now are into June already! ~ with kindest thoughts....Maria x

  11. What lovely finds and the jam looks scrummy ... Sarah x

  12. Dear Thea,

    It must have been your lucky day. Such beautiful finds! Your jam looks very attractive in those jars too. It's been a while since I made some myself. Perhaps I will follow your example this weekend and buy some extra strawberries at the market.

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  13. Here it is Tuesday, and I'm still catching up on Saturday's posts! Your jam looks so pretty just sitting on the shelf with that raffia ribbon and cute labels. Good thing you had a bit that wouldn't fit in the jars so you could have a taste and enjoy the jar display a bit longer ;) Such pretty finds you've collected too ... love the sparkly pink glasses the best! Enjoy the rest of your week Thea. Wendy x

  14. What great finds Thea. I love your glasses.
    I would love to taste some of your jam.. i bet its so delicious... apricot jam is my favorite.
    All sounds like a lovely day. With the French doors open..
    sending best regards..

  15. Your apricot jam looks delicious. I have made different types of jam but never tried apricot I will have to look out for some. As always liked your c shop finds the cake slice looks just like one my Mother used to have.
    Sarah x

  16. Your vintage finds are pretty those glasses are, perfect for summer. The apricot jam looks delicious, and I'm sure it tastes yummy too...apricots are such a fragrant fruit!
    Helen x

  17. Wow, you did find some lovely things!
    The jam looks lovely all potted up. I must admit to having never made jam ... I really must rectify that one day! :)
    M x


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