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Friday, 21 June 2013

Midsummer Magic...*~*

Fin and I enjoyed Midsummer's Eve in our garden...

Among the flowers ....





Daisy chains...

Then as the light faded we lit candles in the garden room...and enjoyed the magic

 Midsummer happiness shone....Thea x

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  1. Beautiful flowers and garden ornaments.Gorgeous home accessories too, Thea, you have a magical touch.X

  2. Fairies, bees, daisies and candle light, sounds idyllic :) xx

  3. Ooh it all looks so mystical and magical Thea ... your home and garden are so pretty!

    Love the daisy circlet, adorable ...

    Enjoy your weekend, lovely!

    Love Claire xx

  4. Well now if I was a fairy I would love to live in your garden - magical! Jane x

  5. And midsummer magic it is!!
    Lovely photo's!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  6. Wonderful Thea...very mystical and I love your garden ornaments and especially the mask at the end. I do believe you have captured the midsummer magic in those beautiful photos.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. So romantic in your garden. The last days of spring were beautiful, but midsummer started here again with rain and o no, also wind. So bad for the Delphiniums.

  8. What a beautiful & magical way to spend midsummer. I just love your garden and home.
    Julie x

  9. magical midsummer Thea, looks like a lovely time.

  10. I love the summer solstice but it was spoilt this year by rain and strong winds and today is more like October - had to switch the heating on again. Your pictures are beautiful and I am glad you both had a lovely day. Karen xx

  11. Ooh Thea, what a beautiful, enchanting post...I can feel the magic **** LOVE the garden signs and that those 'bees' have choose your magical garden as their home...They are very wise bees,indeed. Wishing you a summer of many more days like this...I am off to have another look through this charming post! I simply love candle light! ~ with kindest twinkles ****** Maria x

  12. Your garden and garden room are a beautiful place to celebrate Midsummer. I loved your daisy chain and fairies.
    Sarah x

  13. What a romantic setting you have in your beautiful garden ;) Wendy


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