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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

So very very Proud.....

I have mentioned before that Fin took some very important exams to do with his job..
well on Monday we went to his Graduation ceremony...

  I was busting with so much pride..he spent quite a few weeks away on his course and worked so very hard. and as I said before it is not quite so easy when (one is of a certain age)  bless!

The University laid on a lovely drinks and canapes reception afterwards,  Fin and I really enjoyed the day
Afterwards we traveled on to Rutland and stayed at this very pretty Country Hotel...

 Wild flowers in the grounds....
 A very pretty room was waiting for us...

I had bought the Champagne and strawberries with us.....

So there was only one thing to do.... I raised my glass to my very clever man!!

We spent the next day visiting a very special garden, but I shall talk about that another day.
.now I am going to sit down with a cuppa! and catch up on all your wonderful blogs...Thea xx


  1. What a lovely get-a-way. Tell your hub congratulations . . . more education is a wonderful thing, at any age :)

  2. Congratulations to Fin, an amazing achievement. I think it is so much harder to study when you are older so no wonder you are very proud of him Thea. Glad you had a lovely time away to celebrate.X

  3. Congratulations and very well done to your husband.

    Love the wildflowers in the grounds of the hotel and what a wonderful room you stayed in.

    Looking forward to hearing about the garden.
    Julie x

  4. Oh how lovely Thea! You were right to be proud, it's a great achievement ... Your hotel looks fab too (I just love champagne and strawberries)

    Love Claire xx

  5. Congratulations to Fin Thea;very well done!!
    That hotel and the area looks lovely just the thing to celebrate and relax after all his hard work. Strawberries and champagne ....mmm very nice!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  6. Well done to your son, and you too for supporting him through it all! What a lovely place! :) x

    1. I have had a giggle at the thought of Fin being my son ..I will tell him..
      Thea x

  7. ~ Huge CONGRATS from me, Thea! Very Well done Fin....The Strawberry Moon was magical for you both too! What a wonderful place to stay...With such beautiful gardens....I am raising a glass this evening for you both! I just love 'happy news'!
    Thank you for taking the time to visit Bumble bee too...I really, really appreciate your lovely friendship!!!!
    Hugs Maria x

  8. Congratulations to your hubby you have every right to be proud of him. Hope you had a fab time you deserve it. Love Jill xx

  9. Congratulations to your Fin. I think every age is good for education, great!
    I'm looking forward to which garden you visited.

  10. Well done to Fin and what a lovely treat for you too. Its harder to study when you are older as work and daily life are more likely to get in the way. I hope you had lovely weather for your garden visit - I have been trying to guess where it might be. Karen xx

  11. Congratulations to Finn , Thea. You must be so so proud.
    What does the blue sash stand for!
    How sweet that you had a little celebration at a hotel afterwards.
    To happy days Thea.
    best wishes Val.
    I have been behind with my comments and blogging.. but am hopefully on track again.
    with bloglovin and my blog is ..hope you will join me again.. dont want to loose my good friends..

    1. Hello val
      the hood is in the colours of NEBOSH it stands for National Examination Board In Occupational Safety And Health
      Fin took the environmental Diploma and the Graduation was at University of Warwick, he works in Enviromental and loves it..Thea x
      I shall try to find you again

  12. Congratulations to Finn!
    Must have been a very nice stay in the Hotel!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  13. Congratulations to Fin! Graduating at any age is a great sense of accomplishment. I'll bet he's relieved to be finished with the studying (for now!). What a great idea to continue on with a special stay-over at such a pretty hotel. The room looks like something straight out of your own home ;) Enjoy your weekend and blog catch-up! Wendy x

  14. Congratulations to Fin, it looks like you had a wonderful day of celebrations.
    Sarah x

  15. Congratulations to Fin! I can imagine you bursting with pride. What a very special place to stay and what about that! Have a good weekend. x


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