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Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Walk Among the Rocks and Legends...

 Last Sunday we decided to take a walk (7 miles..are we mad)  up and along the Roaches a rocky outcrop local to where we live, we have been to the rocks many times but have never walked the entire length..

So walking boots on..hat, sunscreen, bottle of water and packet of Cheddars packed in to backpack we set off.

Up and up we climbed ( can you see the rock climber at the top)

Looking back across to the reservoir in the heat haze...

Across the Staffordshire countryside ...

Getting higher now ..peeping past the ancient weathered rocks..

Looking across to the Peak District in Derbyshire...

Magical stones...

Doxys Pool.. home to a mermaid but she was hiding today...

We start to walk downward towards the woods...

One last peep through as we descend...

Back down now.. and on the track to Lud's Church...

I had read about this place but had never been to it before
The church is in fact a deep chasm on the hillside above Gradbach in Staffordshire.

 As soon as you enter you understand why this incredibly atmospheric location has inspired so many legends. Apparently many visitors find the atmosphere too overwhelming and won’t go any further than the entrance.

I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity,  as I walked between the damp moss and fern clad walls..looking up at the ancient twisted trees growing out above and wondering what secrets they hold.

There were many tunnels..ledges and steps to follow

 But my youngest son who was with us was ready to leave, I think he got a bit spooked by it all

So back on our way home,,,Fin and I shall definitely return

Thea xx


  1. Dear Thea - I am a Derbyshire girl so you could not have shown anything more likely to bring out the nostalgia in me. Unbelievably I have never been to Lud's Church or for that matter even heard of it, so next time I am in Derbyshire this will certainly be a place to visit.
    Lovely atmospheric photos.

  2. beautiful very pretty photos and a lovely walk I think feels like a fairytale land or a fantasyland and no mermaids at home but maybe there ara faerys or dragons hidding you never now!! looks like some place from the king athur legedens but lovely
    have a pretty day leon10

  3. What a wonderful walk.. and such lovely views. Magical :o)
    Julie x

  4. Looks beautiful, so cool and inviting.

  5. Oh Thea we used to walk along the Roaches quite a bit when the girls were younger - they loved clambering over the rocks. Never got as far as Lud's Church though - it looks so atmospheric - must make a visit soon! Have a lovely weekend x Jane

  6. Such stunning photos you have taken Thea.
    What a beautiful view from atop the hills..
    I think it was well worth your walk.
    I dont know about the church..but it does look a little eerie..
    wishing you a happy weekend..
    val xx

  7. It looks an amazing walk Thea though where you got the energy from in this heat I cant imagine.I love to walk in our countryside but prefer it to be cooler.

  8. Wow,great views,worth the long walk,i,m sure,xxx

  9. Thea, beautiful place to walk. I can just imagine the feelings from walking through all that green and damp, it would be pure magic, I think. 7 miles is a long ways but I'm sure it was worth it. Thanks for your visit and kind comments to me..Happy Sunday..Judy

  10. What a beautiful walk Thea! Your photo's show exactly what it is that I like so much about the UK!

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  11. Um...yes! But gorgeous, beautiful views.

    Nina x

  12. Ah yes, a packet of cheddars – the essential walking aid!
    Beautiful photographs and yes I did spot the climber.
    Thank you for sharing your walk, I would love to visit the chasm.

  13. What a wonderful walk. That chasm looks amazing. I love places with atmospheres xx

  14. ~ Hello lovely YOU!
    What a magical post and indeed mystical place too visit..Ooh I wanted so badly to see the mermaid, Thea...Being me I would have visited the chasm too...So very special and your photographs are superb! I have a strong desire to visit Mother Shiptons cave in Knarsborough north Yorkshire..Not to far away from me! I wrote a 'wee' post about it, when I first started blogging! a very witchy spiritual place...Thank you for sharing with us! and of course your kind words as always...The French Women do have a way with fashion!

  15. What a stunning place to walk! I have seen Lud's Church on TV and would love to visit it one day. Best wishes, Pj x


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