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Friday, 5 July 2013

Sweet Summer Days...

The summer has arrived...

We have a new garden arch ...bargain half price jobby that I have painted... just waiting for something pretty to threadle itself upon it.

Tilly chilling...... watching the bees...

Roses are smiling...

The Peonies are looking blousey...
The garden has sprung into life...

Now as the heat of the day fades...

I sit down with one of these...and drink in the sounds and scents of a warm July day, surrounded by a little bit of magic
Thea xx


  1. What a delightful post Thea. Your garden is so beautiful..
    you must work hard in it.
    I saw on the news that you are having hot days..
    You are joining us here in Europe.. its so so hot here.. but i am enjoying it.
    Dear Thea.. i see that you are not getting my updates on your sidebar.
    just sign out and then sign me in again.. it should work..
    i have had such blogger problems.. would love to see you over my side.. happy weekend.. and enjoy your garden. val x x

  2. ~ " The Earth Smiles In Flowers"....Comes to mind seeing your beautiful garden , Thea! LOVE the fox gloves I have a little verse I have just fallen upon, all about just how they got their pretty name! It will 'bee' going out on Bumble bee blog next post! hehe!Enjoy your wonderful garden Thea! because it is so magically beautiful! Take time to dream, lovely friend! Hugs Maria x

  3. I can just hear the bees buzzing as I look at these Thea! Your garden is looking beautiful but I especially love that second rose down. Cheers! Jane x

  4. Isnt it wonderful how some sunshine can lift your spirits Thea? My garden is really full of beautiful flowers, in fact if anything they have put on too much growth and are flopping everywhere! Its a hive of activity for the birds and bees, still no butterflies though yet, I havent seen many yet this year. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Your garden is so beautiful, your new arch will look wonderful when it's covered next year in pretty flowers too :) xx

  6. Dear Thea
    Your garden is beautiful - definitely my kind of place! Your photos are lovely too. Absolutely magical...
    Enjoy the summer weather.
    Best wishes

  7. Thank goodness for the sun! I’m going to follow your lead and escape to my own garden (with something chilled) in a bit. Your pictures are stunning. xx

  8. Thea, your garden is beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your drink. Love Jill xx

  9. Beautiful sunny garden photos and I'll have one of those please from the last photo! x

  10. Thea, I fall in love with your garden just a little bit more each time you post your lovely photos. I hope one day that I can get my garden to look as beautiful as yours.
    Julie xx

  11. Lovely romantic garden pictures and it is great to have a rest with a glass on these beautiful summer days.

  12. It feels like we are in your beautiful garden with you enjoying that drink with you! Your flowers are gorgeous.
    Sarah x

  13. Isn't this weather amazing, Thea? We've waited a long, long time for this ...

    Enjoy your garden, it's fabulous, I've been spending loads of time in mine ... the housework is going to have to wait, I'm afraid!

    Sunny smiles

    Claire xxx

  14. A very lovely post!I love your beautiful garden!
    With all the pretty flowers!

    Kisses, Juliëtte

  15. I think England and Canada have traded "normal" summers this year! We've been deep in dark clouds and rain (although still hot and humid!), and you have clear sunny skies! Your garden flowers are amazing Thea ... especially love the second photo down of your beautiful rose :) I would love to spend a day in your garden just drinking in the sights (and maybe a glass of whatever you've got there too!). Enjoy the rest of your week. Wendy x

  16. Beautiful roses and peonies! Your garden is truly lovely. Best wishes, Pj x


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