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Monday, 26 August 2013

A Late Summer Walk *~*

We woke up to a beautiful warm sunny day,  we even ate our breakfast in the garden ...
a warm breeze wafted and we could just tell it was going to be a one of those perfect days where nature plays her tune...

We packed up a flask and picnic and drove to Lathkill Dale where the wild flowers grow..

Followed the tumbling waters of the gently flowing river..

The sun overhead dappled by the trees...

Out into the parched ground the heat of the sun shone down ...

So glad I had remembered my hat...

The sky was a beautiful blue as the sound of the crickets filled the air...

Looking back to the valley, where we have just walked...

Fin up ahead towards the crags ...

Limestone crags, a stunning legacy left by the Ice age..we sat on the rocks just below the crag and ate our picnic, listening to the birds of prey above us calling to each other..
A perfect late summers day xx


  1. ~ LOVE your new dreamy header, Thea!
    I want to bottle this summer time and keep for always, my friend! The perfect day for a perfect walk.....Summer kisses **** Maria x

  2. My parents would take us there when I was young - it still looks exactly as I remember it all of these MANY years later. Wasn't the Bank Holiday a perfect day with warm wall to wall sunshine all day long?

  3. Such a beautiful walk Thea! Thank you for taking us along!

    Madelief x

  4. A perfect walk and picnic on a perfect summerday. Love the English countrylife so much with the beautiful landscapes.

  5. Looks a really lovely walk and you had wonderful weather too by the look of it, it always helps doesnt it?
    we have had such a wonderful summer I think this year, makes the snow of early spring almost worth it! Hope you are ok Thea X

  6. That looks a perfect way of spending a day over the bank holiday weekend . Fantastic views and without too many other people too.
    Your new header is so pretty too.
    Sarah x

  7. Goodness that is some beautiful countryside around there
    Best wishes


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