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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Marmalade Day*~*

It's has been a chilly blustery day here in the Moorlands...

The clouds are gathering and the showers are blowing in so I thought it would be a good day to make...
some Marmalade.. I follow Delia's  measurements but change the fruit around and only add 2lb of sugar not 3!

My kitchen table faces the french doors which open on to the garden...

they were firmly shut today as the north wind blew in..
With the fruit starting to dance, the kitchen started to warm up...

The steam started to rise and gently simmer for a couple of hours, to soften the rind

Then after dissolving the warm sugar the boiling begins..the bubbling is so satisfying and I have a lovely warm kitchen scented with citrus fruits...

And some yummy Marmalade..

and of course there is always a little over to taste straight away!!

I really enjoyed my Marmalade Day *** (cheaper than putting on the heating too! )


  1. I've never tried marmalade but love the idea of it - maybe this will be the year! Well done Thea - it sounds like the perfect way to spend a blustery day x Jane

  2. That must have been a great way to cheer up a cold and dull day. I can almost smell your marmalade cooking - lovely!
    Sarah x

  3. oh that looks very lovely real english or schottisch marmalade love the golden color and smell and tast of it here in holland we can buy it in a jar the real english marmalade and with this autumn weather its just very nice thing too do jam and marmelade weather greethings leon10

  4. Ooh lovely Thea! I've made jam often, but never marmalade ... I have lots of random citruses lying around so think you've inspired me to have my own marmalade day tomorrow!

    Love Claire xx

  5. Yummy I love marmalade although I have never made it myself, that's maybe a thing for me to try. Your bathroom looks nice hope you enjoyed the glass of wine and soak. Love Jill xx

  6. The marmalade looks really pretty in the jars Thea! We had the same kind of weather today. Such a difference from last week. My body still has to get used to the colder temperatures :-)

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  7. I must have a go at marmalade making - I made lemon curd recently and then ate most of it from the jar...
    Best wishes

    1. Oh Jenny you naughty girl...I'd do the same I love! lemon curd..Thea x

  8. Hello dear Thea.
    I can smell your marmalade from here, my mother adored home made marmalade. It looks so tempting in those lovely decorated jars.
    Our weather here is still hot. I do hope we get some rain soon.
    Summer is coming to an end. Hope you still get a few nice days in.
    happy week Thea.
    val xxx

  9. How lovely to make some yummy marmalade! I love making jam and marmalade but I thought you could only make marmalade with the special oranges you can buy in Feb? That obviously isn't the case! Your jars look so pretty xx

    1. Hello Maggie yes I used to think the same, Seville Oranges are available then, they make a distinctive tasting Marmalade..I just used a £1.00 bag of everyday Oranges,lemons and limes and less sugar..Thank you for you kind words
      Thea xx

  10. Hi Thea, I can almost smell that marmalade bubbling away on your stove. How nice it must be to sit in your kitchen (in the warm) and watch the world go on outside your French windows. It's wet and cold again this morning, but your post warmed me up a treat!


Thank for your lovely messages they make my day,Thea x