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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bathroom Makeover *~*

When we moved here two and a bit years ago we inherited a whisper peach bathroom suite and quite a shabby bathroom...
I have grown to love my bathroom suite (partly because it would be to expensive to replace) and partly because I love the corner bath, yes I am a "bath person rather than a shower person"
So as the paint was on offer in the D I Y stores we decided to give it a makeover...

Please come in and have a peep...
The wall above the shelf was in quite a poor state, I think there used to be a hot water tank here, so Fin has fitted wood paneling over it and we have painted it all Cotton White...

There are a few finishing touches still to do..

I am going to make a new blind for the window..

I think I shall have a glass of wine and a soak tonight...
Thank You for reading my words I love reading yours! Thea xx


  1. It is such a subtle shade of peach as you mention - just a whisper. You have both made a great job of it, so enjoy your soak along with the glass of wine. P.S I am a shower person myself.

  2. Thea, your bathroom is so pretty. I love the shape of the tub and I, too, am a bath person. Only in motels will I take a shower.. A glass of wine and a soak sounds just the ticket..Happy Sunday..Judy

  3. Your bathroom looks so pretty I expected a more peachy colour but it is a lovely colour. We have had our share too of coloured bathroom suites a pink one and an avocado one! I too prefer a bath- hope you enjoyed your soak and wine in your lovely surroundings.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah
      Yes it is a bit more peachy than the photos, but it will do..I did have a smile when I read your list of coloures, we have had duck egg blue one in the past,
      My poor sister in law had to endure a chocolate brown one!!!

  4. Gorgeous Thea - showers are okay but a bath is just so relaxing, especially when accompanied by a glass of wine! Look forward to seeing the blind x Jane

  5. Your bathroom looks lovely with the pretty accessories and piles of fluffy towels. Hope you enjoyed your wine! Xx

  6. Dear Thea, I simply LOVE to soak away my troubles after a busy day....Your bath room and your beautiful home has the most calming affect in the photographs, so very peaceful.....A Haven indeed......Thea, thank you also for kind words...I will be in touch with you soon...We are away for a while just now...Taking time to bee.....I simply couldn't let you see my pretty pink bathroom! hehe...Bordering more on the 'shabby' than the chic! We have owned it now for all of seventeen years!! Shhhhh don't tell a soul....hugs and kisses Maria x

  7. It became a beuatiful bathroom, Thea! Perfect for a long bath on a rainy day!

    xx Margriet

  8. What a pretty bathroom Thea! It really doesn't look peach in the pictures ... in our old house we inherited from the old owners a very attractive dark burgundy bathroom suite ... that was very hard to live with but as it had just been put in and was an expensive one, I couldn't justify ripping it out. I love what you've done though, I'd certainly enjoy a lovely long soak in there!

    Have a lovely week

    Claire xxx

    1. Burgundy sounds very interesting, I can remember in the 80s seeing a midnight blue one and falling in love with was the fashion!! eeek

  9. The corner bath looks very nice. Your make- over has given me inspiration for my own bathroom which needs to be refreshed too.

  10. Dear Thea,

    I wish my bathroom looks as pretty as yours! What a beautiful make over!

    A Happy week!

    Madelief x


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