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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Still Painting....The Sitting Room *~*

You know what it's like spruce one room up (in our case the bathroom)
then take a look around and the rest of the house starts to look shabby

So on Friday we decided to start on the Sitting Room...

I have spent a long time thinking about painting the fireplace (since we moved here)
 It was in a bit of a shabby state when we moved in, and for some reason it had a wooden shelf  attached to it.

So as it has been a chilly and wet weekend ...we made a start

 With some trepidation I started painting the fireplace, no going back now... It took four coats of paint

So while I was waiting for the fireplace to dry I decided to paint my Grandpa's old barometer, it has been hung in our garage feeling very drab and unwanted, so two coats later ....
After three days the painting is done...

The chair covers are washed...
The curtains are freshened...

My crochet throw is finished...

The fireplace is sparkling...

Bits and pieces are back in their place...


Done!  paintbrushes have been put away now..time for a rest and a well earned cup of tea x


  1. What a beautiful haven, it looks so peaceful. Very well earned cup of tea!

  2. Looks lovely all fresh and clean ready to match the crisp white snow. Hope you have time to sit and enjoy looking at your hard work. Love Jill xx

  3. Hello Thea, thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to meet you.
    You have a beautiful home, and I love how your fire place turned out. Nice job :)

  4. What a tranquil and very grown up room. It's beautiful. The fireplace looks amazing. Makes me want to do ours!

  5. Gosh Thea, what a fabulous room ... how do you keep it looking so clean and sparkly though? I have to have lots of colour and pattern to hide the pawprints and spills!

    It looks so serene and calm, and the fireplace is a 100% improvement ... I love the old beam shelf.

    You deserve a nice sit down now ... grab a new magazine, cup of tea and a big slice of cake ... enjoy!!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Wow, what a transformation. The whole room looks great but it is the transformed fireplace that really stands out as the winner!
    M x

  7. Such beautiful, restful room and I love the white fireplace. Enjoy your well earned cup of tea! Barbara

  8. I was dubious when you said about the fireplace at first, but wow it looks so good! :) x

  9. Just beautiful! I love the soft tones, its offers to the viewer the peace and tranquility necessary after a busy day. Adding subtle colour with cushions, throws etc doesn't overwhelm the look.

    I have enjoyed my visit thank you :0)

    Peg xx

    1. Hello Peg
      Thank you, you are very welcome
      Thea x

  10. I love what you've done with your room, the fireplace looks fab! :) x

  11. It all looks lovely Thea, I do love what you have done to your fireplace.Very pretty and all your lovely things make it all look very homely.

  12. That looks so lovely and a wonderful place to relax in. Your barometer looks so good too. You must have been so pleased with your efforts.
    Sarah x

  13. The fireplace looks lovely in white. You have such a cosy house, I love it!

    xx Margriet

  14. Hello! lovely blog friend!!! Thea could I book you to pop over and spruce up ours please and thank you!! hehe! Your home always has such a wonderful peaceful look! We need to get our heads in gear and pop a lick of paint here and there! Our kitties although well loved do a sterling job between them all of stripping and scratching each room! LOVE all you have achieved to give your room that lovely feel....Again I have a soft spot for your wonderful picture too! Thanks for kind words over on mine ! Yep we managed quite a few tipples in a week!! Hehe....Hugs and missed you too! Maria x

  15. looks very pretty all that white very calm and clear
    the fireplace looks a lot better now its in white
    have a lovely evening leon10

  16. Hello Thea,
    A little behind with my comments.
    I think you have done a wonderful job on your lounge.. The fireplace looks so lovely.
    I love the little bunnies there too.
    You have really worked hard. your lounge looks inviting ,love your throw.
    happy weekend
    val xx

  17. Dear Thea,

    Isn't it incredible what a lick op paint can do?! The clock, the mantelpiece, your all looks beautiful! What a warm and cosy living room you have! Well done!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  18. Its going to look so pretty when its finished. Several rooms in our house are work in progress! Sorry I am so behind with my comments. Karen xx

  19. Thea that was meant to read its so pretty now its finished and such a peaceful room. Need a little peace in Sussex for my brain to work properly! Karen xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words Karen, hope you had a restful day...Bless
      Thea xx


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