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Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Reindeer Who Had Lost His Sparkle *~*

I have mentioned before my love for reindeers ....

 Photos from my trip to the Cairgorms,Scotland to meet them...

 When we lived in Cornwall, for our first Christmas together, Fin bought me a Wicker reindeer..he was lovely full of magical lights,  he even moved his head!
Picture taken in 2007 outside our cottage....alas each year he became a little shabby ( he blew down in several gales) and parts of him failed to light up and eventually his neck seized up!
We moved up to the Moorlands and of course I bought him with me ( even though by this time only his head and front legs light up)....a few weeks ago Fin found him in the loft folded up in his box, and to my delight he announced that he was going to mend him and make him shine again....
He painstakingly took all the old lights off and re clipped brand new ones...and then took himself off to the garage and made him a sleigh...Bless him
So now I have a little wonderland outside my door, my reindeer looks very happy ( he still has a stiff neck, but he has a sleigh to pull so no time for looking around)...I cannot wait for my little granddaughter to see the lights....warm wishes Thea xx


  1. Your house looks beautiful - love your Reindeer and his sledge. We have two Reindeer in our local garden centre, one has just lost his antlers and the other has a magnificent set, they are velvet and beautiful. Love the Reindeer's feet too and they have such huge eyes, they really are beautiful.

  2. No there is true love, we all know how difficult fairy lights are....bless him! :) x

  3. Good to hear your deer is shining again. In this time of the year, I love to make a walk and enjoy all the lights outsite. Lightful gardens like yours make me so happy! And I must say, yours is the most cosy one I've seen this year. Enjoy!

    x Margriet

  4. Dear Thea..
    What a lovely story of your reindeer. -Finn , has done a fine job.
    The photos of him outside your window and your christmas window looks so cosy and inviting.
    your little grandaughter will want to sit on him. lovely post.
    Your blog is looking lovely.
    wishing you a happy day
    val xx

  5. A wonderful gift to have the treasured reindeer revived ... he looks wonderful & his sleigh is perfect :) I was just admiring a little wicker reindeer in our neighbourhood and thought I'd like to have one in my front garden too. Wendy x

  6. How lovely that Fin managed to mend him for you and built a sleigh too.I bet your granddaughter will love him.

  7. I love reindeers too and how lovely that yours are working again. Your home is looking beautiful. xoxo

  8. Awww your reindeer looks so pretty.. how lovely of Finn to mend him and make him a sleigh.. well done that man. Your granddaughter is going to love it! Take care xx

  9. Hello my lovely friend...~Way behind on here as I have been decking the halls to day!
    A big AWWWW, I love Reindeer too... Last year I got to meet the real thing at our towns Christmas lights switch on.., Santa was there too, but the Reindeer stole the show for me...They actually stole my breath away too, with their sheer size and beauty! Its lovely to see how pretty your festive 'twinkles' look, Thea!
    And Fin has done a lovely job!
    Hugs and kisses, Maria x

  10. Hello Thea, your garden looks lovely, how lovely to share your Christmas lights with your granddaughter. I'm sure she will fall in love with your reindeer. Love Barbara xx

  11. Your home looks magical and well done to Fin for his beautiful sleigh. We love reindeer too and met a couple at the old town fair last weekend. xx

  12. Dear Thea,

    It is always with delight that I arrive here in your enchanting corner of the world. Reindeer are special creatures, I agree. I occasionally catch sight of a couple of young deer glidding through the vineyards. I feel honoured to see them every time.

    Happy, happy Advent to you.


  13. What a romantic things for Fin to do for you. I love reindeers too. They are magical. xxx


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